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Nadi Astrology

The word Nadi looks like a group of many meanings. Nadi astrology is based on the rules. According to the rules of Nadi astrology,

possibility of first love marriage

The Potential of Marrying Your First Love "Possibility of First Love marriage" refers to a type of marriage where the individuals getting married have chosen each other based on mutual affection, attraction, and emotional connection, rather than the marriage being arranged by their families or other external factors. In a love marriage, the couple decides…

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Top 10 Astrologer || Best astrologer in Prayagraj

In the ancient city of Prayagraj, where spirituality and tradition merge seamlessly, there exists a luminary in the realm of astrology – Sarvesh Kesarwani. With more than a decade of experience, Sarvesh Kesarwani has not only earned the trust of countless individuals but has also become synonymous with precision, quality, and enlightenment in the field…

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Solve Your Stressful Relationship

Hello, my name is Sarvesh Kesarwani and  I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing a stressful relationship. Relationships can be challenging, and it's important to take care of your well-being. While I'm here to provide support and guidance, it's essential to remember that I'm an Astrologer and may not fully understand the complexities of your situation.…

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Nadi Jyotish predictive part 2

Nadi astrology In the first section of Nadi astrology we talked about the 3 rules of Nadi astrology, today we will tell you some examples from it and how Nadi astrology works, and what events we can see through it. Today's block part 2 will get information and in the next blog we will also…

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Importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology

What is the importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology? Natal chart is essential but the birth chart should be seen from chalit horoscope because in chalit horoscope the clear position of planets and house signs is given. What is the difference between Lagna Kundli and Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology? In fact, According to Nadi…

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Nadi Astrology Predective part

Nadi astrology changed my life   Today I am going to tell you some such subtle secrets of Nadi astrology which has brought a big change in the world of astrology. In this part of the predictive part, you will get answers to all your questions. Today the knowledge of Nadi astrology has become very…

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