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Micro Therapy

Microtherapy is a term given to several non-invasive (without equipment) therapy techniques that use signals from our brain to travel through neurons to stimulate healing and reduce pain.
Through mild subconscious frequency, our brain produces chemicals called “endorphins” in our physical bodies and causes them to make their natural pain-relieving chemicals. it’s too subtle
Works at the level, so it is used systematically. Now if we systematically do any work, then it also takes a little more time, it does not give complete treatment in a single session, it has little effect on our brain and our brain gets activated slowly and if some sessions are done then it’s a profound effect

How many sessions are there?

There is no fixed scale for this, it depends on the problem and its depth, how serious the patient is about his problem, and how hard he works in every session, it all depends on how much time it will take