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Dream Home

Vastu for Our Dream Home

A happy home like heaven is no longer a dream

If you also desire happiness, prosperity, love, goodwill, and respect at your home, then by following some rules of vastu, you can bring happiness to your home, and strengthen your relationship. For this the two most important rules of vastu are personal vastu and Subtle Vastu. You are going to need both of these vastu rules to say that:-

How to decorate your Home according to Vastu Rules

1- There should be a good system of cleanliness in the house.

2- The flow of energy should not stop anywhere, its flow should be constant at its own pace.

3- All the house rooms should be at right angles and in the right shape, if there is any kind of disturbance in their angle or shape, then it will be a problematic situation.

4- There should not be any obstruction in the main entrance or the entrance of any room

5- The whole system of protection should be smooth, and the entry of negative energy should be prohibited.

6- Special care should be taken for the direction, every object has an energy who’s positivity and negativity might depend on the direction in which it is placed or faced so we should take that into consideration too.

7- Open space has its important place, if there is no open space in the house at all, then it does not let the energy present in the house flow properly which eventually get’s lesser in time.

8- Roads around the house also have special importance, if a road is coming directly towards your house or is coming towards any corner, then it works to give special harm, so care should be taken not to have such a situation.

9- The position of the neighboring house also gives both positive and negative energy on our Vastu, so you should also determine that the neighbor’s house should also be good from Vastu’s point of view.

10- Moving towards the last point, I would like to mention that the principle of Vastu says “the more defects you have in the bathroom or kitchen in your house, the worse it will be on you” Vastu is selected based on these shortcomings. Today, we break and break more for remedies but In earlier times the same remedy was done by breaking it and rebuilding it. 

Astroyes will get you all the solutions you need to not catch up any problem, it is worth a try.

online vastu consultant

Here I would like to draw your attention towards a Vastu expert who is not only a Vastu expert but is also a successful astrologer. Yes, Sarvesh Kesarwani is also a good healer who knows how to analyze energy well. If you are searching online vastu consultant then you can book a healthy consultation.

Vastu of our house

Most people believe that to maintain pleasant domestic relations and love behavior, the Vastu of our house should be right and they give full focus on their house, whereas the construction around the house is also very important. If in the opposite direction, there is construction or there is a tall tree, then it will obstruct the energy flowing in your house and will also hinder your happiness.

Question came to us:

Similarly, a question came to us through our YouTube channel that “there is a lack of happiness in our house, money comes but there is no happiness, everyone is sad and sick, what could be the reason?” and when I visited their house, measured the energy flow and saw the situation, a hospital was built next to his house, whose waste material was discharged beside this house. Solving to which, there was ease in having a happy and loving relationships between family members in his house. Today he is happy with his home and family.

 According to Vastu Shastra

That’s why it is necessary to see the condition of your house as well as your surroundings, these rules apply to anyone’s house, in a city, in a locality, or even in the country, the same rules apply.

How to improve

Similarly, if any part of your house is increased or decreased, then whatever its attributes are related to,  you will have a problem related to it. You will find your happiness hindered in your house while the problem is in the actual construction of it.

Case Study

Taking such an example, a gentleman’s South West area was enlarged and there used to be burglaries in his house every day, he was upset, he could not understand his situation, he contacted many people but no one was able to get him any solution, whereas when he contacted Astroyes which suggested him some remedy, after doing that he got rid of his problem.

Blocked Energy increase obstacle

You can also overcome your big problems by taking small measures, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the energy should get full opportunity to flow, it should not get blocked from anywhere, it should not accumulate somewhere, its accumulation should be there. We should not worry about energy being positive or negative while flowing, if both the energy is expanded in itself or there is a lack of any of it, then the same energy becomes harmful to the human body.

When you Purchase a plot:

Let us now see that if you have bought a piece of land, then now how to process your building on it step by step.

After taking a piece of land, first of all, it becomes most important for you to prepare the map of your house. You also have to take care of the standards, in many places, some spaces have to be left near the plot, you have to follow this kind of government rule.

Bhoomi prikshan

After this, get the land tested once by a Vastu Expert, if there is any negative energy in that land, then a good Vastu Expert will remedy it and give way to that negative energy to reach its destination, so that you will not suffer any kind of loss.

Now you can start construction:

Now you should discuss the plan of construction of that building according to Vastu with a good Vastu Expert on your map, only after that, the construction work should start. It is being done below that before getting all these constructed, their position, direction, and angle should be discussed in detail with an Vastru Expert, you can do all these discussions via phone sitting at home.

1 water boring or underground reservoir

2 bathrooms

3 kitchen

4 Best arrangement and direction of wastewater drainage

5 Worship room or temple place

 6 Dining table or dining room position

7 Treasury or property paper storage

8 bedrooms

9 Veranda and balcony

10 Portico and Parking

11 Stairs and Elevators

12 basements (if you are building)

13 water tank arrangement

14 home decor

15 Right Place Feet Using The Right Colors

16 places to store medicine to stay healthy

17 Best arrangement of colors inside and outside the house

18 perfect arrangement of mirrors

19 Electric meter M C B and board arrangement

20 other room arrangements

After considering all these aspects thoroughly, you should finalize the map of your building, if you contact a good Vastu Expert, then he will correct the defects of the entire Vastu on the map sent by you, and correct the conditions that have to be corrected. Will fix what is not fit you can also book a session via Astroyes Vastu Consultation and discuss your map

 Thank you

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