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One day, I had a dispute with Mr. Chatterjee, who came to live in my neighborhood, on some matter, and the dispute escalated so much that a lawsuit started between Chatterjee and me. And in this way we got involved in litigation, in the same way while driving, a small accident creates a big problem if we come across an unknown person, then sometimes our small mistake takes us to some threshold where we have to go to the court.

When it start

We have to face and in such a situation our planets bring us. If the neighboring house, 3rd house in any way joins with 8th house and 12th house, then it creates disputes in the neighborhood and leads us to litigation. Similarly If the fourth house was in any way connected with the twelfth house in our birth chart then it leads us to litigation and we have to run in the court, similarly small court cases are related. We can see the problems that have happened from our horoscope and the horoscope tells us how we can solve this problem. What are we getting and how can we get out of this problem


Type of Litigation


1 Divorce Case

2 Property Case

3 Child Custody Case

4 Others Litigation

5 Commercial Litigation

6 Non Commercial Litigation

7 Social Litigation

Court case
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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the business context, typically involving conflicts between companies or individuals regarding commercial transactions, contracts, partnerships, or other business-related matters. These disputes can encompass a wide range of issues, including breach of contract, fraud, intellectual property infringement, competition law violations, and more.

Non Commercial Litigation

Non-commercial litigation refers to legal disputes that do not arise within the context of business transactions or commercial activities. Instead, these disputes typically involve individuals, organizations, or government entities in matters unrelated to business operations. Non-commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of legal issues, including personal injury claims, family law matters such as divorce and child custody disputes, criminal cases, civil rights violations, property disputes, and more.Type of Litigation

Social Litigation

Social litigation refers to legal actions initiated with the primary goal of addressing social issues, promoting social justice, and bringing about systemic change in society. Unlike traditional litigation, which typically focuses on resolving individual disputes or enforcing private rights, social litigation aims to challenge discriminatory practices, advocate for marginalized groups, and advance broader societal interests.

Social litigation often involves cases related to civil rights, human rights, environmental protection, public health, education equity, housing rights, labor rights, and other areas where systemic injustices or inequalities exist. These cases may be brought by individuals, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, or public interest law firms on behalf of affected communities or the public at large.

The outcomes of social litigation can have far-reaching implications beyond the parties directly involved in the case, influencing public policy, shaping legal precedents, and driving social change. Successful social litigation can lead to reforms in laws, policies, and institutional practices, resulting in a more equitable and just society.

4 Others Litigation

Other types of court cases” encompass a broad category of legal disputes that may not fit neatly into predefined classifications such as commercial litigation or social litigation. These cases can involve a wide range of issues, parties, and legal contexts, reflecting the diverse complexities of the legal system.

Examples of other types of court cases may include:

Administrative Law Cases

Probate and Estate Cases

Real Estate Cases

Intellectual Property Cases

Employment Law Cases

Personal Injury Cases.

Criminal Cases

Family Law Cases

Bankruptcy Cases