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One day, I had a dispute with Mr. Chatterjee, who came to live in my neighborhood, on some matter, and the dispute escalated so much that a lawsuit started between Chatterjee and me. And in this way we got involved in litigation, in the same way while driving, a small accident creates a big problem if we come across an unknown person, then sometimes our small mistake takes us to some threshold where we have to go to the court.

When start

We have to face and in such a situation our planets bring us. If the neighboring house, 3rd house in any way joins with 8th house and 12th house, then it creates disputes in the neighborhood and leads us to litigation. Similarly If the fourth house was in any way connected with the twelfth house in our birth chart then it leads us to litigation and we have to run in the court, similarly small court cases are related. We can see the problems that have happened from our horoscope and the horoscope tells us how we can solve this problem. What are we getting and how can we get out of this problem

Type of Litigation

1 Commercial Litigation

2 Non Commercial Litigation

3 Social Litigation

4 Others Litigation