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If you are interested to know about the whole subject of life, then you can take its Consultation about the important events which have an impact on your life in the coming time and the past, if you have a son or a girl. If yes, then you can take a prediction for his bright future, from this you will get to see the details of the important changes in life and their duration. Below are the details of the important things that will be discuss in the consultation, if you have any other questions apart from this, then you can also ask them by talking to an astrologer while filling out the form or through chat. For this consultation, you can take 30 minutes which is sufficient for more than multiple questions.

Childhood psychology is the branch of Astrology that focuses on understanding and studying the cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral development of children from infancy through adolescence.

As per Astroyes, a childhood-level birth chart analysis can provide insights into various aspects of a person’s life, including health, education, sports, school activities, scholarships, higher education, career direction, and marriage. Here’s a simplified overview of each of these aspects based on astrological principles:

1. Health:

In astrology, the 6th house and its ruler often indicate health matters. Planets placed in the 6th house can influence one’s health. For instance, if there are challenging aspects (e.g., squares or oppositions) involving the 6th house or its ruler, it may indicate health challenges during childhood. Conversely, harmonious aspects may suggest good health
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2. Education:

The 4th house is associated with early education and the home environment, while the 5th house represents creativity and learning. The 9th house is linked to higher education. The positions and aspects of planets in these houses can provide insights into a person’s approach to learning and education. Favorable aspects may indicate academic success.
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3. Performance in Sports:

The 5th house, associated with creativity and self-expression, can also indicate an individual’s interest and potential in sports and recreational activities. Planets in the 5th house or aspecting it positively can suggest talent and interest in sports.

4. Activity in Primary School and College:

Planets in the 3rd house (associated with early education) and 9th house (higher education) can shed light on one’s experiences and activities during primary school and college. For example, a strong 3rd house may indicate a keen interest in communication and social interaction during primary school.

5. Scholarships in School or College:

The 5th and 9th houses are key indicators of academic success and scholarships. Positive aspects to the planets in these houses or their rulers can suggest opportunities for scholarships and recognition for academic achievements.
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6. Higher Education:

The 9th house is particularly relevant for higher education. Planets in the 9th house or aspects to the 9th house cusp can provide insights into the individual’s interests in pursuing advanced degrees and the potential for success in higher education.

7. Career Direction (Job or Business):

The 10th house is the primary house associated with career and public life. The sign on the cusp of the 10th house and the planets placed there can reveal insights into one’s career direction. For instance, strong Saturn or Jupiter influences can suggest a career in a structured field (job), while strong Mercury or Venus influences may point towards business or creative pursuits.

8. Marriage:

Marriage is primarily seen through the 7th house and its ruler. The aspects and planets in the 7th house can indicate the qualities one seeks in a partner. Transits and progressions to the 7th house can also influence the timing of significant relationships.
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Next, learn more questions about marriage

I understand that you have questions related to marriage and relationships. In astrology, these topics are often explored through the analysis of one’s birth chart.

Here are some general points related to your questions in astrology:

Marriage Timing:

The timing of marriage can be determined through various astrological techniques like dasha systems and transits. The specific planetary positions in your birth chart are analyzed to find suitable periods for marriage.

Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage:

Astrology can provide insights into your inclinations and compatibility with potential partners, Which an experienced astrologer can tell very well


The practice of dowry varies by culture and region. Astrology opposes this, yet an experienced astrologer can definitely predict whether a dowry will be given in the marriage or not.

Extra Love Affairs and Sexual Relations:

Astrology can provide insight into one’s personality traits and tendencies, an experienced astrologer deciphers it based on the past, present, and nature of the person and also alerts the person at the right time.


Premarital Affairs and Chances of Divorce:

Astrology can reveal potential challenges and areas of compatibility in marriage, these results also depend on individual preferences and circumstances. An experienced astrologer calculates all these and makes a decision.

Time of Distance from a Life Partner:

If there are indications of challenges or separations in a birth chart, astrologers may provide guidance on addressing and navigating such situations. However, astrology cannot predict exact timing.

Manglik Dosh:

Manglik Dosh is a belief in Vedic astrology, primarily associated with Mars placement in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of a person’s birth chart. Remedies are sometimes suggested to mitigate its effects,

For a personalized and detailed analysis of your birth chart and marriage-related questions, it is advisable to consult with a professional astrologer who can provide insights tailored to your specific birth details and circumstances. They can also offer guidance and remedies, if needed, based on their interpretation of your birth chart.

In astrology, the probability of having a child or experiencing difficulties between pregnancies is often analyzed through the examination of specific planetary positions and aspects in a person’s birth chart, as well as through the application of predictive techniques such as transits and dashas. Here are some general points related to these topics in astrology:

Fertility Indicators:

Astrologers may look at the positions of planets such as the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the natal chart to assess one’s general fertility potential. Additionally, the 5th house and its ruler are significant in determining the likelihood of having children.

Obstacles or Challenges:

Difficult aspects (e.g., squares and oppositions) involving the 5th house or its ruler, as well as malefic planets (e.g., Saturn) in this house, can be interpreted as potential astrological indicators of challenges or delays in conceiving or maintaining pregnancies.

Transits and Dashas:

Astrologers often analyze the transits of planets, particularly slow-moving ones like Saturn and Rahu/Ketu, as well as the major planetary periods (dashas) to assess periods of potential challenges or opportunities related to family and children.


In some cases, astrologers may suggest remedies or rituals (such as wearing gemstones, chanting mantras, or performing pujas) to mitigate challenges related to fertility or pregnancy. These remedies are based on astrological interpretations and cultural beliefs.

Medical Consultation:

An experienced astrologer decides on the basis of the birth chart how much medical treatment a person requires for conceiving.

If you have concerns about fertility or pregnancy, it is advisable to consult with both an astrologer and a medical professional. Astrologers can provide insights from an astrological standpoint.

It seems you have a wide range of questions and concerns related to various aspects of life, including education, career, health, travel, and astrological concepts. While astrology can provide insights into these areas, it’s important to remember that astrology is not a guaranteed predictor of specific events, and its interpretations can vary among astrologers. Additionally, astrology is not a substitute for professional advice from experts in other fields (e.g., medical professionals, financial advisors). Here’s a brief overview of some of your mentioned topics:

1.First point

 Foreign Education, Scholarship, Competitive Examinations:Foreign education possibilities and scholarships can be analyzed through the study of the 9th house in your birth chart.
Success or failure in competitive examinations can be assessed using transits and dasha systems.

2. Litigation and Obstacles:

Litigation and obstacles can be associated with malefic aspects to the 6th or 8th houses in your chart.
Remedies may be suggested by astrologers to address legal issues

3. Imprisonment:

The possibility of imprisonment can be indicated by challenging aspects to malefic planets in your chart.
Legal and ethical advice should be sought to avoid such situations.

4. Property Purchase and Vehicle Timing:

Property purchase and vehicle arrival timing can be assessed through the 4th and 2nd houses, respectively. 
Property gains or losses can be indicated by the positions of planets in these houses.

5. Health Issues:

Health-related matters can be analyzed using the 6th house and the positions of malefic planets.
It’s essential to consult healthcare professionals for accurate health assessments.

6. Travel:

Travel plans and their success can be explored through transits and the 9th house.
Astrologers may suggest remedies for safe and auspicious travels.

7. Profession and Career Changes:

Career changes, job loss, and promotions can be indicated by planetary movements in the 10th house.
Business growth and inheritance may be assessed through various houses.

8. Astrological Concepts:

Astrological concepts like Saturn’s influence, Dasha Kaal details, and the impact of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune require an in-depth analysis of your birth chart by a qualified astrologer.
Remember that astrology offers insights into potential trends and tendencies, but it is not a substitute for personal choices, actions, and professional advice. The interpretation of astrological charts can vary, so it’s important to consult with a reputable and experienced astrologer for a personalized reading. Additionally, astrology should be used as a tool for self-awareness and guidance rather than as a deterministic prediction of future events.


 When are you going to need an astrologer

At all these points, you will be given complete information about the important changes and events happening in your life. The details of it will also be given here like everything else you can also get your life prediction report, to make your life happy, prosperous, and comfortable, you need this report soon, it can help you take guidance from yes

 Note- All the above information is estimated based on the details given by you, if there is any kind of up-down in the details then it is possible to change the result also.

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