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Destiny Number

Only one number is change our life-

Can numbers also calculate our future, does a number have so much power that it can change both the direction and condition of our life, then the answer would be that this is exactly what we all know by the name of numerology. Everything in this is calculative and how the future of any person’s life can affect him through calculation, what kind of decision or path can show the coming year, all of these are calculated, this number only This does not limit us, but in our phone number, which number is being repeated again and again in the vehicle number or if your health is bad, then which ward number in your hospital can cure you quickly and which ward number Or the bed number can have a bad effect on your health, whether it is a day, a date, a month or a year, all of them affect you.

  The series of these numbers start from 1 and goes till 9 and in these 9 numbers the secret of your whole life statement is hidden, all these numbers are governed by planets and we all know how planets affect us. In the same way, every number also affects us.

Here we are also telling you about which number does which planet does and if you give your basic number and know the number, then you can also see its effect yourself, or else you can only help Astroyes. If so, then you can take help like Astroyes

Number Ruling Planet
1 Sun
2 Moon
3 Jupiter
4 Uranus / Rahu
5 Mercury
6 Venus
7 Neptune / Ketu
8 Saturn
9 Mars

If we talk about some negative numbers, then 4 and 8 numbers are two very problematic numbers, if someone’s destiny number life path number 4 or 8 comes, then their life is filled with many problems but with Astroyes. By this you will find that the numbers which were giving us problems are actually by using those numbers in the right way we can raise the standard of our life and give problems as opportunities, so by using the problem giving numbers properly, we can give it the form of opportunity I have seen many people bring change in their life by changing empty numbers, by the guidance of Astroyes they have worked to change both the direction and condition of their life

 I want to say again to you and want to say with great pleasure that you can also take advice from Yes to reduce your problems, it promises to help you in every possible way, we try to show you every new way. By following this you can leave your problems behind and tomorrow will seem like a dream to you, but tomorrow I will see you a beautiful future If there is new hope, have you also brought a change in yourself through this?

I already said that numerology works on everything that consists of numbers. This is evident on dates for example

26 January – Constitution of India

26 January – Earthquake in Bhuj,Gujrat

26 November – Terrorist attack on Mumbai

26 – December sunami

Ashtami – Lord Krishna was born

Now we can see here the DESTINY NUMBER procedure-

The karmic number, if interpreted, is the result of good or bad deeds done in previous lives. In the present life, a person has to equalize the account of the births of his past deeds, if he has done good deeds in the past lives, then he gets good results and if he has done any bad deeds, then because of that he will get the result of such marks. Due to bad karma not being able to harmonize with other numbers, he gets to see failure, pain, disappointment, and accident in this birth and when he repays all these debts, he says one word “After all, what is my What was the mistake I did”. In the same way, the result of good deeds is that we are born with such marks, where we get success easily if we are doing a job, then there is promotion, we get more economic benefits in less effort, we get respect in the society. And we get respect, in all these forms, we get the result of good deeds, if it is said in very simple words, there is a regulator who balances everything and operates all these processes based on the merits and demerits of everyone. We all get a karmic score in the form of a special number, which brings a person’s life again and again at the same point from which one wants to avoid, or if one gets the fruits of good deeds, then it tastes sweet too. If we get it, will we have to spend the rest of our life like this? If we have done bad deeds in previous lives, can we never get good in this life, and if we have done good deeds, then no matter what we do in this life, we will get good results, then it is not like that at all. ,
For example, if you understand it well, then you can understand it in such a way that its effect is for some time, if the rain is going to come then you cannot stop it but you can avoid getting wet to a great extent by flying an umbrella if there is a flood. So water cannot be stopped, but by taking the help of a boat, we can survive for some time on the waterlogging caused by that rain and it is known to all that rain or waterlogging happens for some time. After that, the situation will become normal, in the same way, if you also recognize your Destiny number and know what it wants from you, then based on the deeds of previous lives, you can see your path, your destination. By following it, we can get progress and have good health. Numerology gives us many pointers through numbers that, by understanding them, how you can use and use them both in your life by taking the service of You too can get to know your Destiny, know exactly what she wants from you and what path you’re on. Is there any change needed in this, if you agree with all these things, then definitely do your comment to us?
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