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How it works

Micro therapy, how it works?


Through micro therapy, we work to fill energy in each of our cellular bodies and when energy is contained in each cell, a new glow arises in it, it becomes a source of new energy in our body. The brain collects this energy and sends that energy through neurons in the place where the energy is decreasing or the organ in which the energy is decreasing, our brain sends such signals to that organ. The process of new cell formation starts and that organ gets a completely new life.
Let us understand it better with an example:-
It works in the same way as the inverter is of no use unless it is connected to a battery, even if it is connected to a battery and there is no charge of any kind in the battery. It is not of any use, but as soon as the charge is generated through electricity in the battery, in the same way, the inverter also starts flowing electricity to us, now you must have understood very well that through micro therapy we energize our cell. and the same cell works to energize our whole body.

This whole process is related to the body, the mind, and the affected organ, but what if there is a mental problem?
Let us understand this also with an example:-
If someone is troubled by a mental disorder, depression, anxiety, or is facing some kind of fear, even medical science does not understand this condition very well, the solution to such a situation is possible through micro therapy.

 Talking about fear, when our aura is weak, then we have to face fear, unknown fear, or some such actions done by us, which we regret, and after some time the reason for not being able to compensate for that remorse. The work done by us is visible to us in the form of fear, its result is hypothetically our brain guesses and shows its result, just as 2 + 2 = 4, in the same way, we enter any number in the calculator. Whenever we put a mark of equal, it will calculate us and calculate the value of our number, the total of which we have to get out. In the same way, by assessing our karma, our mind guesses the situation that we are going to get as a result and from this fear arises,

Fear is a form of consequence that what will be the result of the actions we have done in the past, if we are repented of it soon,

then the karmas of our past are quickly consumed and if we suppress them by our conscious mind, Suppress his thinking, stop him from atonement for him or sometimes we do this even under the influence of others and escape it by not doing our karma, in such a situation in some of our cells as memories. remains suppressed and when such a condition persists for a long time, that cell acts as an explosive cell and generates many fears.

Our conscious mind suppresses all the memories in that cell, so our conscious mind is not able to find those memories, so it cannot even repair them. Medical science is also not fully capable of finding such cells, but our subconscious mind controls each of our cells and if it is directed and treated by it, then by removing the suppressed signals in that cell. We can repair that cell and the interesting thing is that all this work is possible without any tearing and any medicine. In this way, we can remove the karma of our past from that cell and consume it with our present karma and remove our fear from the root. We can conquer fear. By understanding the reality of fear, you can take a permanent remedy and all this is possible through micro therapy.

In the same way, if we do not get a way out of any problem, then in such a situation we have an annoyance and due to that annoyance, we have to face a problem like depression. does not enter our body. It is we who give way to him, we are the builders of his house, and we imprison that depression in the walls of that house. Depression can come due to many problems, it is necessary to know and understand the root cause of depression and a microtherapist does this work very well, the reason for this is told by the victim himself if there is a need to understand the pain and words of the patient. He tells the solution to every problem, if there is a need for a good guide, depression is not a disease, the root cause of depression is the lack of proper signal to the cells present in our brain. If we eliminate that root cause, then we can get rid of depression, if we can transmit signals to that cell, then we can get free from depression.


What can be the reasons for having depression?

If you want to be successful in a career in your life and are not able to be successful even after trying, again and again, you are seeing failure then in such a situation, you will start feeling that your effort is failing. I am not succeeding in the effort, despair will arise in my mind, and in such a situation I may have to suffer from depression. By applying too much pressure, the signal reaching your cells is reduced. The signals they need, if delivered, the problem will be solved let’s understand this with an example


If there are many bulbs in the series and one of the bulbs in the middle gets damaged, then in such a situation a circuit break occurs, if any bulb of that series becomes short, the pressure of current on that circuit becomes more and the other bulbs too. In such a situation that the bulb is breaking the circuit, or the bulb which is involved in the process of supplying more current by shorting, finding, and removing those bulbs and repairing them for that task. Motivate Your mind can do all this work for which it has been assigned there. If you need a good therapist then why not book your session with a micro therapist today.


What is an Aura circle?

Our aura mandala or pranamaya body is surrounded by a luminous energy field which is not only contained in our physical body but a circle of half an inch to 5 inches is formed outside it. This is our aura circle, a normal person who is working, works all day, comes home in a tired condition, will get his aura of 1 inch, if you are sick, you will get half an inch, and if you are a sage or a monk. If you are a sage, then you will get to see 3 inches or more, this aura protects us from the external environment, protects us like the earth is protected by the ozone layer. Let us understand this further with an example:-
If you meet another person for the first time, then either that person is good or you get to see some shortcomings in that person. Will not like to stay for long but if there is a beach with a pure atmosphere, beach, river bank, cordial atmosphere, then you will like to stay there for long and you will like to spend your time. Even if someone is watching, sometimes there is such a feeling that why is he staring at me? All these situations, when there is the contact of the aura of another person with the aura that comes out of you, then when its frequency is the same that thing attracts us and if its frequency is opposite then it gives us problems or We don’t feel well. If a good vibration comes out, then we get energy from it, our hair becomes happy and if the vibration will do any kind of harm to us, then it does not make us feel good there and if we stay there for a long time, then the mental and can be physically ill

The aura is derived from all the living beings, plants, and even minerals of the earth, for example, if we have a high amount of sulfur in our body or if we are allergic to sulfur and we are more in the area of sulfur or near sulfur. If we stay for a long time, we will have to face problems because the aura emanating from sulfur will work to distort our aura.


How to check the Aura circle?

Now you must have understood how important the aura is for all of us, the aura of a healthy person remains between 1 inch to 2 inches, if you are suffering from any disease then your aura will be less than 1 inch and the less the aura will be The external problem can dominate you as much as you can to measure the aura, it is measured on the scale of bovise, with this scale all your physical mental conditions can be assessed. If it is safe, then you can defeat external problems in any way, but if four of these defects do not arise, then you have to put more emphasis and if there is a defect in all seven, then external problems dominate you.
Another way can be seen by taking a photo through Kirlian photography, through this we get information about all the problems in which layer of our body, this is a scientific method.
If you are also getting sick frequently or falling from problems or are facing problems like depression and anxiety, then your aura has been damaged, you should immediately take the help of Astroyes, and you should get your aura checked thoroughly. Through Astroyes‘s astrologer, you can get your aura checked online, you can know the root cause of your problem, try to reduce your problem, and you can book your one session now.
Before any disease comes, it is necessary to affect our aura, sometimes the disease comes slowly but sometimes the velocity of the disease is very fast and in a short time damaging all the layers of our aura. It starts harming our body, in such a situation, the investigation becomes very important, if the aura is checked from time to time, then we can avoid all the problems and if we do our other work from time to time or in everyday life. If we try to increase it, then we will have so much power within us that small problems will remain far away from us.


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