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How does pendulum dowsing work?

Before I start about pendulum dowsing, I want to tell you that its most important thing is that it can be tried on anyone, it does not have any side effect of any kind, if anyone believes in it, then it will help him. Everyone can get answer of any question whose answer exists in the universe.

 I have also proved this many times in front of many people. Some people like to live in their immediate environment and believe only in their conscious mind. I just want to tell them that our brain has a superpower which we know as the subconscious mind we all feel it The beating of our heart and the continuous movement of our breath, all this work is our subconscious mind which we also know as higher mind. Our subconscious mind also controls the basis of pendulum dowsing, to understand it more deeply, you can understand it in such a way that the energy emanating from the rotation of the earth and the energy of human life with the cosmic energy, the coordination of these three The result obtained determines the speed of rotation of the pendulum and a dowser studies the motion of this rotation and satisfies his client with the answers to each of the questions. By now we have understood that our subconscious mind is related to the same atom of the universe from which all the matter of the universe is made up. That’s why we can solve the unsolved problem through it.


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How does the pendulum connect

The flow of blood on the fingertips of a good dowser should be very good because the pendulum acts as an extension of our nervous system, gives the answer but if your mind is not stable then in such a situation the pendulum will not be able to connect to you properly and you will not be able to move in the right direction


How can we draw a result from a pendulum?

 From the pendulum, we can find out the answer to any question whose answer is yes or no. We fall asleep which seems impossible to solve, but when we wake up in the morning, we get the answer to that unsolved question in our brain. The mind was ready in the brain and we think that why was not getting its answer yesterday, we can also see by its speed to what extent the answer is correct and it is 99.9% correct

how the universal brain works

We all see what we see, hear, understand and think in the mind, the pattern of all those things makes our subconscious mind, the things which have repetition, those patterns are more active and those which do not repeat are less active but we are stored in the subconscious mind when we use the pendulum, it uses the storage of the same subconscious mind in the same way as children remember the answer of the exam. isn’t it surprising

Logical Science and the Pendulum

 Our brain has many parts, we all know that by science, let us now talk about our interconnected glands. Our pineal gland is the center of our entire body structure and the secrets of births are hidden inside it, between our eyes, in the edomites bone. There are microscopic particles of iron, dolphins, pigeons and other creatures also have iron in the brain. All these scientific experiments show that microscopic traces of iron act as directional indicators. Everyone else was asked to see, except a few, because the iron particle present in the ethmoid, which was built near our pituitary gland, acted as a pointer. Albert Einstein also believed that dowsing was the result of electromagnetic attraction.


 Advantages of Pendulum

 It gives an accurate description of the energy of our body, the capacity of our brain, the intensity of our mind, a state of health addressed in the 1930s as radiesthesia, which means experiencing radiation.

Earth’s radiation has a direct effect on us, so it is important to detect electromagnetic waves, geopathic stress, and other types of harmful rays, so the pendulum is used in Vastu for its accurate description. Many architects use the pendulum to accurately estimate the energy of your home office or factory and this is possible through science and experience.

 It is not easy to live with the harmful radiation of the earth, so our subconscious mind does not approve of it and we get the sense of that negativity through the pendulum and we make that place favorable by remediating it so that it can affect a human being. Don’t have a bad effect.

Most of the diseases are caused by mental and spiritual stress, the root of such diseases is not possible even in today’s medicine, so through the pendulum, we take the help of radiesthesia radionics to diagnose such diseases, fortunately, the pendulum measures the body, mind, and soul. And it is no less than a boon for us.


How does a pendulum measure energy?

 Bovis is the scale of whatever energy we measure with the help of a pendulum [Bovis units simply explained-

What you should know about the measuring unit of vital energy and how you can benefit from this knowledge in everyday life. And the answer is coming 40k or above, then it means that there is a lot of energy inside you, your willpower is strong, even a small disease cannot touch you, but whose energy comes to 5k, then he is ready to get sick. His immunity is weak, his health can deteriorate at any time, so he should choose a place that can increase his energy i.e. the energy of that place should be 40 k or more, note that I have not mentioned any fixed scale here. There is only one example, every person’s vital energy is different, so there cannot be any fixed scale for it.

 Similarly, how much any medicine will benefit or harm us, we can also see through Bovis, if its energy comes more than it will benefit us and if its energy is negative then we should avoid taking such medicines.

 In the same way, we can measure any substance, object, or environment by Bovis.


How to increase your energy?

 There are two types of energy, one external energy, and one internal energy. If we talk about external energy, then through the exercise we can increase the energy and if we want to increase the internal energy, then for that we should go towards meditation pranayama. To balance all your chakras, you should take the help of meditation, the medium of meditation can be many, you can choose any one, through the remedy you will find many mediums here, you can choose any of them, internal energy Strengthens the internal structure of our body, transmits energy to each cell and strengthens our mental and spiritual state, so we should try to increase both types of energy

Astroyes always try to help you completely, through Astroyes many people got their energy tested and took the help of Astroyes to increase their external energy or internal energy. If you also want to increase your vital energy or external energy, then you can take the help of Astroyes, is always ready. Astroyes’ many astrologers and energy testers extend their helping hand to you, just holding that hand if you need to.


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The Energy pendulum is a tool used in divination. Our pineal gland is the center of our entire body structure and the secrets of births are hidden inside it, between our eyes, in the edomites bone.
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