Property & Vehicle astroyes
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Property & Vehicle

Property is an investment

If we talk about property and investment, then both have a close relationship.


There is a possibility that he can build his own private house, for which he needs to take the property, but let’stake a situation that he is facing many problems again and again and he misses taking property every time, in such a situation there is a question in his mind that what is happening with me, due to which there is a problem in getting a property or whether there is a possibility of taking property in my birth chart or not, people have often asked such questions to Astroyes, which I’ve described here:-

 Am I not yet eligible to buy a property?

 Why can’t I find the property I love?

 I bought a property, now it has been disputed, what should I do now?

 For a long time, I am thinking of buying a property but can not buy what is the reason

 I am going to take the property, should I take it in my name or the name of other members of my family will it be more fruitful?

 I have been looking for a property for a long time but I am not getting it, will I get it?

 Do I have my house yoga in my horoscope?

 I have been facing problems since I bought the property. My progress has stalled. Is that property giving me a loss?


Property and Vehicle
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