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Nadi Jyotish predictive part 2

Nadi astrology

In the first section of Nadi astrology we talked about the 3 rules of Nadi astrology, today we will tell you some examples from it and how Nadi astrology works, and what events we can see through it. Today’s block part 2 will get information and in the next blog we will also talk about each event and how you can easily watch

If you haven’t read Nadi Astrology Predictive Part 1 then you must read it

Examples of Nadi Astrology

The rules and principles of Nadi astrology work very effectively. I would like to put an examples in front of all of you that once I saw a person’s horoscope by Nadi astrology and very quickly and I found “his health problem” within just 3 minutes. ” Told him and at the same time he started looking at me surprisingly he said I showed my horoscope to many Astrologer, some astrologers take half an hour 1 hour and some could not give any answer but how did you see my problem within just 3 minutes, then I Told them that I have seen your horoscope according to Nadi astrology, in which the result is known very quickly.

What else does Nadi astrology tell?

Nadi astrology tells when the planets will give results, whose results the planets give, how to see the results of a planet, how to understand the vision of planets, how to study the conjunction of planets, if the time of birth is not correct, how to correct it, How dasha system works, how life events are studied, can Nadi astrology answer every question, is the role of transits also used in Nadi astrology, you will get answers to all these questions in NADI ASTROLOGY PREDECTIVE COURSE. Nadi Astrology has the ability to answer almost all the questions related to your everyday life, that too in a very short span of time.

Do you know the Nadi astrology course duration

This course can be learned in very less time and does not require any special qualification to learn it. To do the course you just need to have the desire to complete it.

In this predictive part of the Nadi Astrology Advance Course, you will get

Nadi astrology rules

Principles of Nadi astrology

Education in Nadi Astrology

Marriage in Nadi astrology

Relationship in Nadi Astrology

Litigation in Nadi Astrology

Property and Vehicle in Nadi Astrology

Health in Nadi Astrology

Nadi travels in astrology

Career and Finance in Nadi Astrology

Child Prospects in Nadi Astrology

Corporate astrology

Longevity in nadi astrology

Birth time correction in Nadi astrology

Importance of Muhurta in Nadi Astrology

Birth of twins in Nadi astrology

Personality in Nadi astrology

Remedies in Nadi Astrology

All these will be studied practically in depth.

Learn More About Course

There might be some other questions too, so go through this Nadi course to get answers to all your queries.

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My personal experience is Nadi astrology plays the most important role to see any event in a person’s life if you want to predict then Nadi astrology can play an important role if you want accurate details if you do it well. Understand and gain the knowledge of this course, then you can become the master of astrology, so why not start it today and now, if you have not yet RESERVED A SEAT for this course, then perhaps your golden age is coming. And you are wasting your precious time, I had got such an opportunity so I did not delay even a bit and today I am proud of my decision.

In the next blog, we will see how many forms of Nadi astrology are there and why we are describing only “the predictive part of Nadi astrology” here, and why there is not so much attention on other routes of Nadi astrology.

Sarvesh Kesarwani

Astrology coach and Vastu Expert