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Consultancy Booking Process


1- Basic Consultation (₹500 – 15 minutes):

🌌 Dive into the cosmic realms as we analyze your birth chart, unraveling the mysteries written in the stars.
If you have a short question and can get the answer in a short time, then this option will be the best option for you. Quick, insightful, and perfect for those seeking immediate answers.



Basic or Complete Birth Chart Reading


Complete Palm Reading 

2- Full Consultation (₹1100 – 40 minutes):

🌟 Explore the depths of your being with a comprehensive 40-minute session. Full consultation is a medium to express your views in detail and take astrological consultation. If you want to know about yourself in detail and want the best astrological consultation for your problems, then you should book a full consultation. Uncover the secrets of your birth chart and receive tailored remedies for a harmonious life.

3- Premium Consultation (₹2100 – 60 minutes):

🌈 Elevate your experience with a dual analysis of both your birth chart and palmistry. Sometimes the movement of the planets traveling in the sky is very fast and sometimes it is very slow. In such a situation, if there is a difference of only a few minutes in the time of birth while making the birth chart, then a perfect birth chart cannot be made.
Know that in such a situation, your palmistry helps you. Seeing both together, matching the events with the birth chart, analyzing both, finding out the correct situation, and giving the best astrological advice, this is the purpose of this premium consultation. Through this synergy, we cross-check and unveil the root causes of challenges, providing a holistic understanding.

Some questions asked us by the client

General Inquiry:

“What does the Premium Consultation involve, and how is it different from the Basic or Full Consultation?”

Curiosity about the Process:

“Can you explain how the combination of astrology and palmistry works in the Premium Consultation?”

Specific Concern:

“I’m facing challenges in my personal and professional life. How can the Premium Consultation help me address these issues?”

Desire for Clarity:

“I’ve had previous consultations but want a more in-depth understanding. How does the Premium Consultation provide additional clarity?”

Interest in Remedies:

“What kind of remedies or solutions can I expect in the Premium Consultation, especially considering the combination of astrology and palmistry?”

Time Commitment:

“How long does the Premium Consultation typically last, and is it sufficient to cover all aspects of my life?”


“What outcomes or insights can I realistically expect from the Premium Consultation, especially in terms of personal development and understanding?”

Integration of Analyses:

“How do you integrate the insights from astrology and palmistry to provide a more holistic view of my life?”


1) Kindly select a Consultancy package given above

2) Pay the fee through PayPal, Gpay, PhonePe or any UPI, Net banking and Card

4) Drop your phone number and birth details in the form appearing after your payment

3) You’ll get an appointment booked within 48 hours after the above process is completed

4) If you want to postpone the appointment, let us know as soon as possible


*Incase on any misinformation on birth details are given by you, no refund or re-appointment will take place

*Incase of call (call or chat only) charges per minute, payment of INR 500 has to be deposited while booking an appointment

*Incase of failed payment transaction, no appointment will be booked unless and untill we receive the payment.

*Please read the terms and conditions carefully


Astroyes is based on «Modern Astrology»

Enjoy an in-depth, yet sensitive discussion about your horoscope (natal chart and current/future events) with a certified professional astrologer with over 15 years of consulting experience. Discuss important issues in your life with absolute guarantee of confidentiality. Learn about your strengths, challenges and major life themes.


I came to Astroyes because I had some problems in my private life. They created my horoscope and interpreted my natal chart concerning the issues I worried about. Sometimes it is important to know that all your problems can be solved. yes it is possible…

Ritesh Agrawal


My child was getting off the world recently so I thought for once I should believe Astroyes for the sake of my child’s mental health and it was worth it. My believe didn’t ditch me back.

Maya Gabriella


I was really confused between applying for job or starting my own business since I was in college, later I applied for a job but it wasn’t really helping me and leaving job was a great risk. Though it was worth the risk after Astroyes helped me taking this decision.

Avinash Saxena

Prayagraj U.P.

Astroyes had my back that I’m this successful in my business. At every point I felt like falling apart, astroyes saved me with its solutions which were worth everything.

Rukmani Agrawal

New Delhi
Answer of the questions

Delve into the cosmic blueprint of your life through the analysis of your birth chart. Explore planetary positions and their influence on your personality, relationships, and life events.


Uncover additional layers of insight by studying the lines, mounts, and shapes of your palms. Palmistry offers a unique perspective on your character traits, potential challenges, and personal strengths.


Astrology: Understand the challenges and opportunities presented by celestial bodies in your birth chart.
Palmistry: Validate and cross-verify astrological insights with the distinctive features present in your palms, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate analysis.

**Root Cause

Astrology: Pinpoint the root causes of challenges by analyzing astrological configurations and planetary aspects.
Palmistry: Complement the astrological findings with palmistry’s ability to unveil underlying issues, providing a holistic understanding of the origins of your concerns.

**Personalized Solutions:

Astrology: Receive personalized remedies and guidance based on astrological insights.
Palmistry: Enhance the specificity of recommendations by incorporating palmistry’s unique perspective, tailoring remedies to your individual needs.

**Timeless Wisdom Meets Present Reality:

Astrology: Tap into the timeless wisdom of astrological principles that have guided individuals for centuries.
Palmistry: Ground the insights in the present by exploring the dynamic imprints on your palms, creating a bridge between ancient wisdom and your current life situation.

Comprehensive Life Analysis:

Astrology: Gain a comprehensive overview of your life journey, including career, relationships, and personal growth.
Palmistry: Add depth to the analysis by understanding how the lines on your palms interact with astrological influences, providing a nuanced perspective on various life aspects.

**Dual Perspective, Singular Understanding:

Astrology: View your life through the lens of celestial bodies and their symbolic language.
Palmistry: Witness the convergence of two powerful divinatory arts, creating a singular understanding of your unique path and purpose.

**Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Astrology: Empower yourself with self-awareness and insights into your inherent potential.
Palmistry: Embrace the empowerment that comes from a dual analysis, offering you a roadmap for personal growth, and helping in success and transformation.

Our Exclusive Spiritual Store

Astroyes offers astrological counseling and Theta and Micro energy healing to help clients reach their greatest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, clients are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.