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Vastu 16 Direction

Welcome to Vastu 16 Directions

In the profound science of Vastu Shastra, the concept of directional orientation holds paramount significance, guiding the alignment and harmonization of living spaces with the cosmic energies that permeate the universe. At the heart of Vastu principles lie the 16 cardinal directions, each bearing unique attributes and influences that shape the quality of our environments and experiences.


Understanding the Primary Directions:

1. East (Poorva):

The direction of the rising sun, symbolizing new beginnings, vitality, and enlightenment. East-facing entrances are auspicious for inviting positive energy and opportunities into the home or workplace.

2. West (Paschim):

Signifying culmination and fulfillment, the West direction embodies stability, prosperity, and emotional balance. West-facing spaces are conducive to relaxation and reflection.

3. North (Uttar):

Associated with wealth, abundance, and growth, the North direction is revered as the abode of Kubera, the deity of prosperity. North-facing entrances facilitate financial stability and career advancement.

4. South (Dakshin):

Representing strength, protection, and transformation, the South direction embodies the fierce energy of Lord Yama, the god of death. South-facing spaces are ideal for meditation and introspection.


Sub-Directions1. East (Poorva):

5. North-East (Ishaan):

The confluence of divine energies, the North-East direction symbolizes purity, spirituality, and enlightenment. North-East-facing spaces enhance clarity of thought and spiritual growth.

6. South-East (Agneya):

Governed by the element of fire, the South-East direction embodies vitality, passion, and dynamic growth. South-East-facing entrances promote entrepreneurial success and vitality.

7. North-West (Vayavya):

The domain of Vayu, the wind god, the North-West direction signifies communication, travel, and social connections. North-West-facing spaces foster harmonious relationships and networking opportunities.

8. South-West (Nairitya):

Grounded in stability and endurance, the South-West direction represents the nurturing energies of Mother Earth. South-West-facing entrances promote longevity, security, and familial bonds.


Sub-Sub Directions:

9. North-North-East (NNE):

Radiating with auspicious energy, North-North-East enhances intellectual pursuits, creativity, and innovation.

10. East-North-East (ENE):

Infused with the vibrancy of the rising sun, East-North-East fosters growth, progress, and new beginnings.

11.East-South-East (ESE):

Inspired by the dawn’s first light, East-South-East instills optimism, vitality, and resilience in all endeavors.

12. South-South-East (SSE):

Fueled by the warmth of the southern sun, South-South-East encourages passion, determination, and creative expression.

13. South-South-West (SSW):

Rooted in earthy stability, South-South-West provides a solid foundation for financial security and material prosperity.

14. West-South-West (WSW):

Embracing the twilight hours, West-South-West fosters introspection, relaxation, and emotional balance.

15. West-North-West (WNW):

Nurtured by the gentle breezes, West-North-West invites clarity of vision, wisdom, and intuitive insight.

16. North-North-West (NNW):

Guided by the North Star, North-North-West beckons seekers of knowledge, guidance, and spiritual enlightenment.



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