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Shop vastu

Vastu for shop

Here we are telling the importance of Vastu for prosperity in business and why we should do Vastu in our establishment.

The shop or any business place is very important, so the Vastu is also done there in a different way. You can see in the dream home page, we’ve mentioned angles differently whereas in shop, the angles will be textured differently. If we talk about the angles of a good shop, then a lion face shop is considered better than a Gurmukhi shop. If we talk about the office, then for that, you can see its explanation by visiting our other page about how is Vastu of the office ensured?

Here, we are talking about a shop where we sell the readymade goods in the same shape and form without changing them directly like a fridge we bought from the company and we sold that fridge to the customer in the same way. We don’t add anything to it nor we remove anything in it. In the same way, if we talk about them here, then we see that if the shape of the shop is rectangular then it is better. It happens that for a shop, if its angle is lion face in that shop, then it is even better for him, now there should be a good arrangement to keep goods in the shop. There isn’t always a lot of space in most of the shops, so they have a basement or a chute on top or a small area like a godown is adjacent to the shop itself. All these have their importance, if their directions and positions are not right, then they do not allow the shopkeeper to grow.


Warehouse location selection

The place suitable for warehouse has to be towards the south and west side and if you have to make basement then you should choose east direction and north direction and if you want to put twine then put it in the whole shop. Otherwise if done in half, Vastu defect arises.

Apart from the lion-faced shop, if there is a shop of uncertain size, it acts as a hindrance in business, then it is more auspicious if the slope of the floor is towards east or north direction.

Even if there is a very long and thin shop, then too it’s not good. According to Vastu Shastra, the measurement of 1: 2 is the best.

 If you want to make a 2 floor shop, then the biggest role in it is the stairs of your shop, most people make a small staircase in a small area, which is not at all correct, The stairs should be equal to the width of the entire shop. If for some reason it is not possible to make stairs, it is better to make them in the positive zone, the height of the shop should be at least 2 feet from the road, if for some reason the shop has to be made below the road, then in such a situation between the road and the shop. you must make a high step of at least 1 ft.

If you want to keep a showcase of glass and decorate the goods in it, then it would be appropriate to keep it in the North West area, if you want to keep the goods in the cupboard from where you have to take them out, then you can choose the South West for this, if possible outside the shop, or leave a verandah of 4 feet, this will give more benefits.

If the shop is facing the north direction, it is a very good sign because here you can do business with all kinds of goods. This situation is better in terms of money because it is also the place of Kuber, so business flourishes here quickly.

If it is in the east direction, then it helps a lot in making contact with people, so if there is work like networking business here, then it flourishes more here, if there is work related to marketing, then work related to the agency is more fruitful here. Jewelry work, restaurant work, brokerage, commission work, and ration work, all these work flourish here.

On west side, if there is any work related to justice, whether there is any work of weighing scales, oil work, ironwork, building material, hotel restaurant, medical store, all these works flourish here, apart from cosmetics or Beauty parlor work.

 If there is a shop facing south direction, then here you can work related to building materials, shoes, restaurant, sports, bakery, car parts, electronics etc.

The sitting place of the owner should be in the direction of South and West, it is considered as a good direction for them, apart from this, location also depends on the amount of vaccant space in the shop.

Apart from this, if the shop is in T junction, then this situation is not very good. In this case, either the shop will run very much or not at all. It becomes necessary for such shops to have Vastu guidance so they can flourish more.

It is often seen that the shops which are in the building open from all sides, develops more. The scientific reason for this is that the goods kept in those shops are visible from a distance and the customer is attracted, so in today’s time the market construction is done in L shape and it is good from psychological point of view but it is also necessary to check Vastu for the proper flow of energy because it is not possible for all shops to get into the good basket and when there is blockage of energy then some shop will run well and some won’t at all. I have already said that if there are shops with irregular angles or many angles other than square or rectangles, then these are not shops that give wealth, happiness, peace, and splendor.

If you are also confused about the location of your shop, you can contact Astroyes by sending your map, if you have any questions, you can book a session now.

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