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Date- 1, 10, 19, 28


Date- 2, 11, 20, 29


Date- 3, 12, 21, 30


Date- 4, 13, 22, 31


Date- 5, 14, 23,


Date- 6, 15, 24,


Date- 7, 16, 25,


Date- 8, 17, 26,


Date- 9, 18, 27,


Date- 11


Date- 22


Total Number - 33

Importance of Numerology

The history of any person’s life is recorded in his date of birth, the name placed by his will without any thought at the time of birth is revealed by receiving divine grace from the nature and universe, his entire character is build from his name and date of birth. His likes, his dislikes, his profession, his fate, and misfortunes etc. everything from birth to death, a complete account of a person’s birth on this earth to fulfill a particular purpose and to learn some lessons, complete some actions of previous lives in this life and also carry forward some of the karmas of this birth to the next life and when the purpose of a person is fulfilled then he attains perfection and he is liberated from that life cycle.

Numerology is Science

The science of numbers is very important for every calculation. from this, we can take maximum advantage of our upcoming auspicious occasions, saying that there is a fixed and proper time for sowing seeds and harvesting crops. There is a special way for a particular task, if we get knowledge of the events coming in our life in any year, then we can be mentally and physically ready and conscious to face it, we can face it firmly. On one hand, this work will help us to overcome the disappointment and on the other hand, it will also help in finding the key to success or you can say that confidence will be developed in us.

Occult science

Like astrology is based on planets, palmistry is based on palm lines and mountains similarly, Numerology is studied through numbers, life begins and ends with numbers. It ends after coming to the number, so the importance of numbers is not less in our life. 
By using our lucky number and the colors of our auspicious number, we can overcome any problem, we can reach heights in business, or get promotions in job, or make our lives happy by using numbers for happy marital relations. Therefore, the Muhurta date of marriage is very important or a date for every work which is very important for our life and we always have that memory which is only a number, be it your marriage anniversary, birthday, opening of something big, etc.

Meaning of numbers

With the help of numerology, you can get to know why you or someone else behaved in some way at a particular time or how they might behave in future. If a situation of tension and conflict arises, then its side effects fall on the person which is divided into four parts

Positive Aspect –

In this, we see the positive side in the personality of a person.

Opportunities and Profession –

This part is seen in the field of personal life, the onset of obstacle suffering, and various activities of professional life.

Negative Aspect –

In this part, mental stress, conflict, and not being able to keep one’s word or promises are assessed.

Personal aspect –

Here we see the result of behavior and human relations.

What is your birth number and what is the meaning of that number, let’s understand it better:-

Number 1

The thinking of single digit number ‘one’ is original and they like to do intellectual work, they have less interest in physical work or labour, they have unprecedented leadership ability, they are freedom-seekers, and they are very quick to decide on any work. They are the ones who are going to implement their plan and work to guide the people. they can be teachers, writers, designers, people who left their mark on society, 
Some shortcomings also emerge in them, they like to work in their way, whether other people like it or not, they do not care, their arrogance sometimes brings them to the verge of ruin, their aggression and the tendency to brag makes them popular among their co-workers and relatives. Often such people feel lonely because of their ego. 
Being full of self-confidence, and always listening to his mind, he is always successful and attractive to the opposite sex, whether it is a matter of marriage or business. Always like new things, so to make the relationship stable, their partner always has to be agile because moving forward with something new and some new thinking is a particular habit of several people.

Number 2

This is the number of the Moon, so their nature is also similar to that of Chandradev, it has often been seen by the people of 2 numbers that they are not leaders, but they believe in following others, such people do office work very well. Let us take, whether to collect data of any subject or to collect their behavior or to make a relationship of unity with someone, then they are wonderful in that. These are people of artistic nature, they know how to test others, they have a mystic personality, now their personality is naturally ready to work with the ‘number 1’ person or follow them, they are always ready for that work. They are skilled in reaching the right end, they do not like to quarrel, they are sociable people, they are very much liked among their colleagues and their co-workers, and they are smart in all the spoken language they know and behavior. They like to work in such a place where no leadership ability is required. 
These can be good teachers, good musicians, good weavers, or good artists, they also like to do their profession, they like to work only in such a place in which to play the role of hospital nurse or motherhood, in any calm environment, it is in any way They are not able to adjust themselves, they are very sensitive to their beauty.

Negative aspect,

Talking about the negative aspect, being very sensitive, can easily hurt anyone, they are weak and live in fear, loneliness disturbs them, and they spend a lot of their time collecting data. There is a lot of wastage of their time and unnecessary delay in completing the work, if they are praised, they get great happiness, they get enthusiasm, but where there is no praise, they do not like working there. If they have to face any kind of criticism, then they suffer a lot and they bear the loss no matter how much damage is done at that place.

Positive aspect

Due to the spirit of love, cooperation, and companionship, the person of the number 2 plays the role of a good parent, the children may or may not love them but they leave no stone unturned in their upbringing. They have a very practical personality, they are people of a very direct nature, this is why people often take illegitimate advantage of them, such people get cheated more and cheat less, they have all kinds of things to deal with any situation. There is a plan, but they prefer to play the role of a planner instead of taking part in any plan by going ahead, so the field of politics also suits their personality a lot.

Number 3

Number three 3 Jupiter –

 Number 3 (Jupiter) is the most important and most fortunate, it can be called the gift of heaven on earth, always full of energy and confidence, this number is always the number that paves the way, and plays a very important role in reducing problems. They can make their path successfully, they can prove themselves better than others, it can be called Trimurti i.e. Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh or three groups or groups of three i.e. starting point, middle, and end. The person who is of 3 number, he is complete in himself, it is the number of achieving success, attracts money and all kinds of knowledge in managing all things. The people who go to the country and abroad, they aspire for the best in their life and they also can fulfill their aspirations sooner or later, they act as a source of inspiration for others. physical labor does not suit them but they expand their creation on the mental plane and is the creator of the mental plane.
They work very well in areas like music, art and designing. They also like the work of writing, they do not succeed on tasks where alot of labor is required because as I have told that earlier, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh means the number representing all the three loks, so it is a more influential number at the mental level.
The situation of some negativity will also be seen in the people of 3 numbers. This becomes their basic nature, due to which they have to suffer and they also have to face disappointment. Such a situation is created by benefiting them so much that they can’t deal with disappointment or failure. 

Now in this issue, if the personality aspect is seen, then love and popularity are the main characteristics of the these people, they are warm-hearted, intelligent, and joyful, in other words, they remain a subject of curiosity among others with their knowledge. Even if they can feel the voice in their music and consider life worth living, they need love and admiration from their partners, they can have more than one love affair and they are completely devoted to their partner.

If explained in simple words, they are lucky and successful in life, but if 3 numbers are spoiled due to any reason then it also creates a lot of problems because whatever they get is not in small quantity but large quantity. Whether it is positivity or negativity, it is better if they be good.

Number 4

Opportunities and Profession

Those with 4 points are not the ones to start any work, but when someone gives them an outline and plan, then they are ready to do their work seriously in any field, capable of doing that work and bringing it to the end. They are very honest towards their duty, if they do not have any work to do, then they feel sad, they are surrounded by mental problems, they hate this condition, and their work is completely systematic and creative. If they are called imaginative, then perhaps this would be the right word, but they are not just imaginary people, but they plan their entire work based on imagination. If they go astray due to any reason, they leave the unfinished work and turn to other work, they are not selfish, they are responsible people, so others hand over more responsibilities on them.
Such people are often designers, producers, scientific in nature, and show their interest in legal professions, these people are the store keeper,  and offices,  so the responsibility is always around them.


Talking about their negative aspect, there is no shortage of imagination in the number 4, but if negativity comes, then they feel scattered in their imagination, so their imagination power is of no importance because their thoughts are firm. They are permanent, do not change due to which others find it difficult to work with them, they have a habit of excessive reasoning, being too serious and assertiveness are the negative aspects of their life.


Talking about the aspect of personality, then they are practical. People of 4 points are honest and straight talkers, they do not even realize what their words will impact the other person. They have a lot of attachment to their partner and are also loyal to them, they like the company of more and more people, so the field of politics and social service is the most suitable field for them. They are slow-moving and very gradual, so they are not able to adjust themselves to a very fast and sudden changing environment, due to which they have to suffer, unfortunately.


Number 5

Mercury –

Talking about opportunities and money, 5 marks do not initiate any work by themselves, but due to having sharp intellect and mind, there is a natural ability that they can get success in most of the work they do. They live life, they are very good negotiators, they are interested in every work which is new and which has not been done and which is related to common people. They know very well what people will like now, what to present in front of them and how they will be interested in working together which also makes them very popular in the society, they are good salesmen and have good marketing skills.
They are successful in any work and business which is related to the public interest, for example, public relations officers, industrialists, businessmen, managers, and people engaged in the legal profession, want to earn money fast and immediately, so they also try their hand in gambling and betting. People with the number 5 are very much interested in astrology and mystic science.


Talking about the negative aspect, they take interest in all the work, so they are not able to concentrate on any one task, due to which they have to face failure, restlessness, nervousness, and dissatisfaction never ask them to achieve perfection. It has been seen that they focus in different directions, due to which they waste their precious time, they have more attraction towards small gains hence they are deprived of big benefits. And due to narrow ideology, they are deprived of society. 


If we talk about their personality, they like a lot of freedom, they are very disturbed, these people are mimicking, joking, and at the same time, they get both sweet and bitter experiences in life. Those who do not believe this compulsion in love marriage and matrimonial relations is because they are capricious, they always have their desire to have more than one love relationship, and they are very much interested in both love and lust. They are unable to give up their freedom by being tied up at home. They give a lot of importance to the property to money, so before making a marital relationship, this point must be considered once.
Because of giving importance to a lot of money, they also cut off their necessary expenses. If they get proper training, then they can also reach heights in any field because they have sharp intelligence. Without training, they can get into legal problems and they may have to face fights and accidents, if they are to be valued, they can fight with anyone for that and also cross all limits to defeat someone. That’s why while on one hand, they are joking, on the other hand, they are very serious about their values, their money, and their wealth. They are very proud of their intelligence.


Number 6

Opportunities and Professions-

Talking about the opportunities and professions of number 6, it is a number representing Venus, so it is a complete number because it contains the qualities of its coefficients- one, two, and three. Those who are full of love and give love to everyone and take care of others are the ones who are full of all kinds of abilities and knowledge, this number is also full of knowledge and the most important word for 6 number people so is love. There is a purpose in their life, it is a powerful number, they are not very capable of working hard, but they can make complete arrangements for their happiness and comfort with their hard work, they are very hardworking. Or are not a laboring type of person, but do not run away from hard work, if any responsibility comes on them, then they are also able to perform well of their ability.
In general, they play the role of teachers in society, good philosophers, scientists, ministers and writers are also the same people, they get pleasure in helping others, so they can be called commercially successful. If they work, then it is very good for them, they can do business in jewelry shops, restaurants, or any club, etc.

Negative aspects –

If we talk about their negative aspects, then their tendency to do good to others by sacrificing their duty and self-sacrifice also becomes a cause of disappointment in their own life. Family bondage can bring their life to loneliness and can make their life useless or meaningless because it is not a very hard number, so people often take advantage of them due to being soft, all these things should be avoided.

Personal aspects-

If we talk about their aspects, then love, harmony and justice are the basic needs of these 6 numbers, without them neither they can develop nor they can show good performance in all their work, they are boundless loving and some people believe in family relations, relatives and friends always consider the people of 6 numbers to be trustworthy, no matter what the occasion, no matter what work. Taking responsibility of their family sometimes causes them remain unmarried. But if they do not behave, then their life also becomes monotonous which proves to be the biggest misfortune for them. For the fulfillment of all their happiness, their marital relationship must also be complete.


Number 7

Opportunity and profession

If we talk about their opportunities and money, then such people are always in the search of the soul and spiritual knowledge, then on the other hand they are also involved in the search for divine laws, which are universally accepted by all the religions of the world and as a mystic number, Seven number will be seen just as there are seven colors of the rainbow, in the same way, they also can climb the 7 stairs of heaven, you will also get to see seven notes of music, if we talk about the human body, then there are seven chakras in the body. There are cycles whose smooth running is very important for any healthy person, 7 days in a week is also important and from these 7 days the year is made, so it can be said for the 7 digit person that they are very lucky, these people do not live a normal life, they do not like to stay in one place, so they keep on roaming in their lives, as soon as they get knowledge, they move towards attaining divine knowledge. 


There are skilled workers of any field with 7 points, from a simple magnification to a high-level scientist, all of them are people of 7 digits, a surgeon and a professor also play the role of 7 digits, they are philosophical. Good philosophers always like to travel abroad, so that their knowledge increases, if they are not able to get proper education, then those with 7 number can start from a lower level, but soon their skills and abilities will increase. They have the ability to reach a good level of competence within themselves.

Personal aspects

Talking about personal aspects for 7 number people, 7 numbers are a combative type of people, they are very attractive because due to philosophical nature, knowledge of various fields is present in them, their nature is very good, they are responsible now. A different magnetic personality inside them helps them to attract others, they leave their mark on others, yet they are introverted and selective and they are also often seen to be misunderstood by others if more questions are asked. They do not like to be asked, doubted or questioned. Scientific analysis is the key to success, but in human relations, it can prove to be a negative thing, so when it comes to relationships, you should avoid the situation of scientific analysis. It should not be brought into both family life and family relations, this thing should also be understood by 7 number people, although 7 number people take a keen interest in love and sex, still they have a tremendous power of self-control and can easily move towards solitude or spirituality. 7 Marks Prefers solitude for study and contemplation. Always ready to fulfill his free will.


If we talk about their negative aspects, then they are very serious and lack of trust in others often makes them lonely, due to being confused, apathetic and solitude, some shortcomings also arise in them. Too much positive thinking in important purposes sometimes can bring them into wrong situations, sometimes their behavior becomes very bad, they also become very expensive for themselves and to get help from their partner, there is a proper understanding which is deficit in them. Their family relations are not very good, if 7 numbers come in a bad situation in any way, then it creates a situation of wanting excessive independence and not fulfilling the responsibility.


Number 8

Opportunity and Wealth

8 number is the most important if we talk about their opportunities and money, then to compile facts and figures and work on their basis, it also contains the qualities of two and four and if 8 number is studied thoroughly. So it also indicates an infinity, decision ability is well seen in them, the ability of 7 points to operate materialism is also present in them, the balance of personality of heaven and earth, man and woman i.e. divine person. It exists, it tries to give a new direction to life by protecting the interests of the human community and providing knowledge, and by incorporating the numbers from one to 7 of development within itself.
These people can successfully conduct big projects, so they like production work, they are not very expensive, so keeping their money safe is the priority for them, they are people who struggle and struggle continuously. Their inner knowledge gets awakened and later development of non-partisan leadership ability is also seen in them, so such people are seen in judge magistrate or such position, they can control any situation. Being able to control the 8 digits will always be seen operating big establishments and undertakings, whether it is the field of commerce, politics, or property purchase and sale. It leaves its mark in all the places. Courageous acts gives them strength. Apart from this, they also make their own identity in the intelligence services.

Personal aspects

Talking about personal aspects, 8 numbers are like big almonds, so it is not very easy to walk with them and keep up with them, generally, they engage in many types of activities simultaneously and keep on working very hard. Some people take work in their hands and then put out full knowledge, so it has been seen in most of the cases that they do not have time for themselves, although they are trustworthy in love marriage but to enjoy life, they do not have time as they’re always busy with work

Negative aspects

Now if we talk about their negative aspects, due to having excessive ambition, they are always busy at work. Being more materialistic always motivates them for work and keeps them drawn. That excessive work completely disappoints them, breaks them and their desire to make their identity, which never let them sit in peace and will always be found saying that it is my misfortune that I do not get success in any work. Along with success, if we talk about their money, then the people of 8 numbers do not have money easily and do not survive luxuriously, so they know the value of money and always give importance to it. You will also find saying that misfortune is written on my forehead, now no one can change it, but by not understanding the truth, considering misfortune as your truth is not a proper decision in any way, all these things should be considered by all 8 people. They should understand that both misfortune and luck are in our hands. Only good guidance is needed, if my guidance is right then misfortune will turn into luck.


Number 9


This number is also the most energetic one because of being the largest of all the numbers. In this, along with the ability of leadership, planning, and drafting, the quality of all these is present in the number 9, its lord becomes Mangal Dev. They’ll always be seen working without any self-purpose or selfishness. They are people who gives true service to humanity. More energy disturbs them, but when they recognize themselves or their soul, they fall in love with spirituality. But when they work for vested interests i.e. money, love or position, they have to see pain and suffering, yet soon they understand the gift given by nature and it will guide them to use their energy properly. They plays their personality as a rejuvenated and energetic person. So they are creative, hard working and artistic, so playwrights are very good like play the role of the theater very well, painting, carving etc. Along with this, 9 points will often be seen in police or military. A person with 9 numbers is also a skilled surgeon.

Personal aspects

When it comes to personal aspects, the number 9 is a faithful person who follows the path of truth, is a romantic person and has a phenomenal ability to attract the opposite sex with his muscular body, always keeps his partner happy Good friends There are good husbands, good wives and good lovers, they can fulfill all the needs to enjoy life, but if the energy is scattered or concentrated, then because of excess energy, their personal life cannot be said as very good. In the early stage of life, there is a conflict between their personal and non-personal nature, as a result of which they create problems for themselves, they play the role of ideal for their friends for their home family. But they get success only when their relationship is personal and not based on authority. When it works for the interests of others, then their intuition also takes into account the numbers of others and also gets influenced by their talent, which benefits others as well as themselves, but if opposite numbers are in front, then They also have to face many problems, it can be difficult for them to adjust.


Talking about the negative aspect, 9 numbers are masters of their own will and sometimes exhibit unusual behavior, if educated properly, they have a sense of the right direction, otherwise, they keep on wasting their energy in vain. Wandering around aimlessly, spending time, and wasting money, all these are their negative aspects, they also find it difficult to get the happiness of married life, if too much negativity comes in 9 marks, then change your relationship with money. Waste of money and excessive craving to live a high life, consuming very good food and enjoying it becomes very harmful for them, often they are also seen as egoistic and selfish, if they do not get the right guidance then they are surrounded by many problems. If you also have 9 marks, then it should be good in every way, do not enter negativity in it in any way, you should try like this


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