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Vastu purush

Who is Vastu Purush?

To understand this, we should first understand Vastu Purush, the way we study ABCD to study English, we must first know about basics, in the same way, some myths have been written by our sages too.

How did Vastu Purush originate?

 According to him, when Lord Shiva and the demon Andhak fought, Vastu Purush was born in that fierce battle, all the religious writings have mentioned this, but in all the writings, some different views are also included herein. One of them says- When lord Shiva was tired during the battle with him, he was sweating continuously and from that sweat drop, a person was born who was very hungry so he took all the food items and even the natural things. The hunger was so much that he was ready to swallow all the earth, the sky, and the underworld, because of this, both the gods and the demons were frightened and did not think of any solution, then they went to Brahma Ji who  told all the gods and demons that if they all catch him and wipe him on the earth by turning him upside down, then his hunger will disappear. So they did as they were told. Then Vastu Purush asked both of them that how long will I stay like this. What else will I eat, then all the gods and demons together gave this boon to that Vastu Purush and said that today is Bhadrapada Shukla paksha Tritiya and the day of Paksha are Saturday and Visakha Nakshatra, so you lie down on the ground here and keep changing your position every 3 months and whoever is in building construction or any other construction, remember and worship Vastu Purush without new ( Foundation) or get it constructed, then in such a situation you will make them your food, for that those persons will also have to arrange food for the Vastu Purush and they will have to be satisfied, due to this the Vastu Purush was very satisfied and the Gods and Asuras protected the three worlds. Of

 Friends, some other texts also describe some other stories, in some texts he has been called the son of the earth, and in some, he has also been addressed as a person who plays a supporting role in the process of building construction.

What is the principle of Vastu and how does it work?

The rules of Vastu have been made based on the policies of Vastu Purush. If it is understood properly, then only these science-based rules will be seen, keeping positive energy in the place of positive energy and negative energy in place of negative energy, this is the rule of Vastu Purush, this is also the real principle of Vastu.

 The way energy is present inside all of us, due to which our body, our mind, our mind, everything gets affected, in the same way, all the living beings move on this earth, which is a part of the whole cosmic energy. The energy of the whole universe is present inside all of us, or rather there is a universe inside us and there is one atom and the same energy is present in the universe.

What is the importance of Vastu?

 That is, if we build a piece of land, then we split the energy of the universe and put some atoms (building material) into it, due to which new energy is generated in that small piece of land i.e. a new architecture. The form of a man is created on that piece of land, if the posture of Vastu Purush is not taken care of properly, then its negative effect will be seen on the person living there and if the posture of Vastu Purush is followed properly. So positive energy emerges from that piece of land which acts as a lifeline for the people living there, helps them to touch new heights of success, and works to support them in every way, no matter how complex the problem may be. They find a way out of that problem in minutes

 Now you must have understood very well, you must have got the answers to all your questions, through astroyes, many people have solved their many problems by taking the consultancy of Vastu, you too can solve your problems on your own. The team of astroyes has taken the resolution and we are always ready to fulfill that resolution.

Vastu and science

Whether it is human or animal or any plant, everyone needs oxygen, carbon dioxide or other gas, to live life, everyone does respiration in their way and this respiration is done through the air, so our The space of air in the house should not be blocked in any way, this process ensures that there should be airflow in the middle of the house or airflow between two buildings, in the same way, the system of water is also smoothly. What Vastu Shastra says to do.

Success through Vastu-

If we talk about any prosperous country which has made more progress in less time then we see that its south and west part is covered by mountains or high dunes and while its north and east area is river lake pond this sea These small reasons become the basic basis for the progress of that country and achieve more success in less time, for example, Germany can be taken whose south area is surrounded by mountains and its northeast part is plain.

Truth of science-

The rule or principle of Vastu Shastra is not based on any personal rules, it is completely based on science and the basis of every work is scientific. But its basic premise is based on science in today’s era.
Every rule of Vastu Shastra is dependent on the flow of energy, the coming of any energy from a particular direction and the merging of that energy back into nature in a particular direction any obstruction in the middle of this energy is determined by Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, any type of obstruction in the flow of energy harms the person, most things can be proved but some things can only be understood, so the three phases of Vastu are the most popular.

1 archaic architecture
2 Advance Vastu
3 Scientific Vaastu

By using Vastu Shastra in different ways at all these three levels, the life of any person can be made easy and simple so that he can get success in every work, can get good health and any kind of problem in childbirth. do not hinder
If the knowledge of ancient art i.e. holy Vastu Shastra is to be concluded then without this knowledge it will be futile to imagine the supreme spiritual knowledge.


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