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Importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology

What is the importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology?

Natal chart is essential but the birth chart should be seen from chalit horoscope because in chalit horoscope the clear position of planets and house signs is given.


What is the difference between Lagna Kundli and Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology?

In fact,

According to Nadi Astrology, the study of the position of the planets given in the Lagna Kundli is the chalit horoscope, the only difference is that the Lagna Kundli shows what is the Lagna at the time of birth and in which sign all the planets are, and it is clear from the chalit horoscope. It is that at the time of birth, which sign is falling in which house and is giving its influence and which house is being influenced by which planet. Taking an example of Nadi astrology, if a person is in the seventh house from a planet in a Lagna Kundli, But if the house is clear in chalit and in the eighth house, then it will give the result of the eighth house only. Any knowledgeable astrologer does not reach to the conclusion just by looking at the Lagna Kundli. For this, the study of chalit is very important, it would be possible to make correct predictions only by chalit horoscope.

In the present time, as the research work goes on, new experiences are added to Nadi astrology.