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Vastu for factories

It is pointless to imagine the earth without the five elements and the earth indeed rotates on its speed and axis. Panchabhuta means five elements are based on the rules of Vastu...

Whether it is an industrial building, a big warehouse, or a factory, there must be a good synergy between man and machines, from raw materials to finished goods, the work is done by the interaction of man and machines, and after that its maintenance and the work of sending it to its destination is also completed with the best cooperation of man and machine. Decision such as where should the raw material be kept in this whole process or where should the big machines be installed or if it is related to fire, then at which place should the use of electricity be more? If it happens, we can earn more profit by saving electricity, this system should also be there and you can ensure all this arrangement through Vastu.

In any industry, the fire element is the most used one, so the coordinator and balance of the five elements (Panch-tattva) become most important through Vastu. If you see, there are many problems, diseases, sorrows, and pains, are these five elements balanced in your factory or industry, if not then contact the astrologer of AstroYes today and get your factory done right for success.


 What is the size of the factory plot, what is its measurement, and are they all working to give industrial progress and prosperity? Are you satisfied with the profit?

 According to the type of your industry, its architecture should also be there, if there is a mine where your work is done through excavation or you have a big hotel where the chemical industry uses more quantity of ghee and oil or water. Or is your industry related to stitched clothes or textiles, does your industry produce things like sugar, rice, flour, flour, if yes, then there are different Vastu rules for all of them.

So are you satisfied with your profit?

If not then you must read the need for a Vastu specialist because small changes we make in our surrounding that we think doesn’t matter can make big changes and we can convert our losses into profit. If we are in the water element fire element can disturb work. If we keep water in fire, then the fire will evaporate water and in such a situation we will need more water elements. Similarly, if a water element is kept in the fire element then the fire will not be able to work properly due to which we’ll need more fuel to maintain the fire i.e. increase in cost. In the same way, it is necessary to balance other elements, if the elements are not balanced then their bad effect will change the profit of that industry.

what should we put where to get more profit?

Let’s see what benefit what we can get by keeping us where? First of all, you should know your industry, which category it belongs to and which element you are using the most, if industrial gas or compressed air is used, then it should be stored in the south-west direction or the west direction.Water based industries can be liquor, beer factories, cold drinks or any syrup making factory, if such factories are made in the positive zone of the northeast of the city, then they flourish more, definitely see the degrees of the factory

Liquid-based industries like refinery edible oil such industries should be from south to north.

Some industries do the work of making solids from liquids, such as the sugar industry, so such industry should be done in the south-east part.

Production of iron, aluminum, cement, glass, or any such product in which furnace is used or boiler is used in the product associated with the element of fire, the industry of such products should be in the south-east direction if you have your setup in the north direction. If I have done it, then here you will always be seen struggling.

For any industry, all the finished goods should be kept in the North-West direction, according to Vastu, the order of the goods placed in the North-West is easily available and you can send your goods easily, so to make the warehouse for the finished goods in the North-West. Whereas on the contrary, you should choose South West for raw materials, if you reverse it, you will always be troubled by many problems, keep telling your problem to everyone and the solution will not be found, along with this you will also have to You have to see how is the area around your industrial land, whether there are high mountain mounds or big trees towards your north, if so, then you should also contact Vastu Shastri immediately.

If the plot is of irregular shape, then Vastu becomes mandatory for you, the position of the plot paves the way for your progress.

 To enter the industrial unit, there should not be any kind of obstruction hill, mound, or mountain in front of the entrance, if any, then it is a big defect of Vastu. The workers go on strike and the workers are not able to be made by the owner, due to which the unit is often closed or sometimes the quantity of production is less and in such a situation more pressure is put on the workers, due to which you also have to see the strike.

Animal and birds make their living place in most of the industrial areas. According to the rules of Vastu, animals should not make their home in the industry, such arrangements should be made for eagles, crows, bats, vultures, snakes, scorpions, termites etc. in the factory. They live in hiding, due to which you may have a problem, so arrangements should be made to send such animals to the right place.

Window doors and the office of the senior employees should be made in the right place, the senior officer should sit in the south or the west while they should be arranged according to the machine for the workers. Make sure for you have the machines in right place. If a machine produces water-related goods then it should be in the north direction or else if it is installed in the south-east direction then you will get less production. Similarly if the boiler is located somewhere, If the kiln or fireplace is being used it must be installed in the north direction. For the experts in the factory, they should have a seating arrangement facing north.

South, south-west should be chosen to remove the waste material from the factory. If possible plant more trees in the industrial area and it should be ensured that the tree flourishes and it is necessary to take care of the distance as of trees. Plant most of the trees in the negative spiritual energy field, this’ll eliminate your obstacles.

In this way you can ensure your progress by taking small measures or by arranging the Pancha-tattva in the right place according to Vastu. Any disadvantaged factory or industrial unit can be converted into profit through Vastu.

Vastu Shastra is based on complete science. Just like the earth attracts any object with its gravity, in the same way, light and gas moves from the earth to the sky. Vastu also works on these rules, so according to Vastu, you should make such arrangements in your industry building.

If you are confused or your industrial units are giving you loss, then you must contact Vastu Shastri once.


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