Muhurat Astroyes
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Importance of muhurat

Every second has its importance, it can also be understood that if at any time it is the best time  a non emergency surgery, then surely it will not be the best time for home entry, hence the Muhurta.

Planetary Combination

Sometimes a combination of certain types of planets is formed in the Zodiac which is extremely auspicious and sometimes such a combination is formed which is extremely destructive.If any auspicious work is done in an auspicious time then that work becomes very auspicious but if any auspicious work is done in an inauspicious time then its result is not good, hence marriage, house warming, buying a new vehicle, starting construction in a new property. Muhurat has special significance in starting work or starting work in old property.

Effect of Energy

It has a significance of its own, the thing for which the Muhurta is made, that work should be done in the same Muhurta, the flow of energy is very useful for that work at that time, so the kind of energy that is developing at that time, we should also do the same type of work. Therefore, the importance of Muhurta is enough to change the direction and condition of any person’s life, if we understand very precisely through the Panchang, then there is an important time of two Ghati i.e. 48 minutes, which is called a Muhurta. But sometimes this decrease becomes even less and only a few minutes becomes an auspicious time, so while taking out the Muhurta, we pay attention to what for we are taking out and what should be the minimum duration in it.


It is necessary that according to the calculation of the five parts of the Panchang, an auspicious time is selected. Any time may be suitable for a person and at the same time may be inappropriate for a person, it depends on what kind of work and how that person is going to do for example a person takes out Muhurta for Griha Pravesh. And if another person gets the Muhurta for house construction on his plot, then surely both the Muhurta will be different for both the persons.

Many people have selected Muhurta through Astroyes and have done the work to bring more happiness in their life. Below are some special tasks for which you can get Muhurta out.

Wedding date

 Home entry time

 travel time

 Foundation stone

 Time to buy a vehicle

 Time to buy shares

 Muhurat to open a bank account

 Timing of tender

 Muhurta to go for operation in serious illness

 Baby naming ceremony

 Child’s name is auspicious or inauspicious

Muhurta to present your file in court cases

Muhurta to start repair work in the house

Time of army attack

Muhurta to collect war material

Muhurta to carry war material from here to there

Muhurta lights the fire for the first time in the kitchen

Daughter-in-law’s entry

Gauna muhurta after marriage

Apart from this, Muhurta should be taken out for any such work which has more impact on your life.

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