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Nadi Astrology Predective part

Nadi astrology changed my life

  Today I am going to tell you some such subtle secrets of Nadi astrology which has brought a big change in the world of astrology. In this part of the predictive part, you will get answers to all your questions. Today the knowledge of Nadi astrology has become very important because Nadi astrology gives better results in a short time and no special qualification is required to learn it. 4th 5th pass person can also study this science.

Welcome to the journey of Nadi Astrology

  First of all – I would like to introduce myself to all of you, my name is “Sarvesh Kesarwani” and I have been working in the field of Astrology for the last 12 years. I am an astrology coach palmist numerologist vastu expert tarot card reader and spiritual healer. In this field, we conduct classes and consultation and teaching also 

Nadi astrology is a part of Vedas

Nadi Jyotish is one of the six parts of Vedas

1 Education (शिक्षा)
2 Kalpa (Karma)
3 Grammar (व्याकरण)
4 Nirukta (निरुक्त)
5 Chhand (छंद)
6 Astrology (ज्योतिष)

And that is why astrology has been called the eye of the Vedas, the Vedas which teach us the art of living life and through the eyes we analyze any scene and find the right path.

Nadi words and astrology

  The word Nadi looks like a group of many meanings. In Yoga, Ida Pingala and Sushumna Nadi, are very important Nadi for breathing, in Ayurveda, the nadi is seen to feel the Nadi of blood flow, on the other hand, Nadi is an important part of the matrimonial Ashtakoot matching of the bride and groom, in which there is an adi nadi, madhya nadi and ant nadi, a ghati of 24 minutes in a Muhurta are called a Nadi.

How does Nadi astrology work?

  In astrology, it tells a very small arc (duration of time) of the universe, which rises at a particular time in the east in the form of Lagna. We study and analyze this time cycle form of Nadi in Nadi astrology.

  Nadi texts are called “Nadi” Samhitas in North India and “Ole” in Sri Lanka in South India.

According to the “Visual Knowledge” obtained from the Vedas, the sages combined traditional astrology with time, and many texts were composed. Mr. KV Venkataraman has written in “The Wonder of Nadi Astrology” that “Nadi literature mentions many such unique rules Whose description is not found in any other published literature.

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Nadi astrology rules

Nadi astrology is based on the rules. According to the rules of Nadi astrology, the zodiac circle is divided equally into 12 zodiac signs and each constellation is divided into 27. This constellation is further divided into different sub-lords. According to this method, special emphasis is given to the sub-lord and the constellation. The study of astrology by the method of Rashi, Nakshatra, and sub-lord gives the most accurate results. In this method, according to the time of birth, date, and place of birth, we prepare the horoscope of the person by making Lagna Table and Nirian Chakra Table.

The Dasha method plays the most important role after making a birth chart because the time of the event tells the dasha and the time of the event itself is the element of astrology and it becomes more accurate through the study of planetary transits. Based on this background, this entire course is prepared It is our aim to expand the knowledge received by the sages to the Gurus and the knowledge that reaches us from the Guru, and with the change of time, the purpose of this course is to understand each and every event on many horoscopes through many kinds of research. All the classes in this course will be practical, the medium will be a birth chart and there will be discussion on the same.

In the next blog,

we will understand the golden rules of Nadi astrology and what kind of life events we can see through Nadi astrology, we will study all these. If you are also interested in doing the course,


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