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Office vastu

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Vastu for Office

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Change over time to time:-

 If we talk about the office, then there has been a lot of change in today’s time as compared to the old time. Earlier, different offices were set for different work, today due to the intervention of multinational companies and new technologies evolving around, the whole format has changed. So the basis of Vastu is still the same but methods of doing it have changed. That is- if you choose Vastu for the office, then we’ll work according to modern vastu and not the old pattern. On the basis of the same process, the architecture of the office is ensured through astroyes. In today’s time, All the employees of same department usually sit together in a hall or room or a single space. However, earlier the work was done by register and manual, today all the work is done through computer. It is happening now whether it is a senior officer, babu or a peon, all of them work under one roof, so a separate room is marked for them within a small area, all the level of employees work in their office area. Talking about 3000 to 3500 square meter area is suitable for them or not? Yes, more than 600 employees can work on a single floor, this significantly reduces the time and cost of working and gives more profit in this way.


What does the Vastu rule say?

If we talk about the Vastu here, then it is auspicious to have the plot of the building of rectangular or square shape, if the slope is from south to north-west or east, then it is auspicious and well-being is around the office. If there are trees and plants around, then it’s a good sign. If it is towards the south and west, then the entrance doors are very sensitive for the office, because all the work of the office comes out through two mediums, one is through the letter and other is from the entrance. Therefore, its entrance should be in the positive energy area, otherwise the office owner might have to face many problems, the owner of the office (if the office is in a bigger area) should choose the south-west area to start the construction work. If you have chosen the North-East area by mistake, then you may have to pay a heavy price here. Keep its height otherwise it can attract lot of damages.
If there is a need to install electric poles or transformers, then install it only by looking in the right direction, otherwise it is a huge Vastu defect, if you want to build a temple of worship and worship in the office, then make it in the north-east direction. You can also build a temple in other directions which will be risky enough, so without the advice of Vastu Shastri, it will not be recommended. If any of pillar or thick wall comes in the center of the plot, then it should be removed, it will help you in your progress else, will act as a hindrance.
You can arrange the bathroom towards North West or East, East South or South or South West, if you choose any other direction apart from this, then it will work as a problem in growth. If you want to arrange for air condition, then put it in the west direction, then it will work better and less electricity will be used.
If you place the main plant or equipment of the computer in the north-west direction, then it will work better, if you want to arrange a wardrobe, then place it in the south or west direction.
If the chief officer or a senior officer has to be arranged, then do not keep the door or window behind them, it is the biggest obstacle in the way of your progress.
If the senior officers are sitting on one side and the rest of the employees are sitting on one side then it acts as a difference of opinion so the senior officer should sit in the middle of the employee so that the senior officer has access to all the employees if there is any participant in your office. So it should be placed on the other side of the gallery, there should be a path in the middle, by doing this the path of progress opens, never make the mistake of sitting face to face.
It has often been seen that arrangements are made to sit two employees face to face at a table, according to Vastu, this is not appropriate at all, this increases the differences, if it becomes necessary to make each other face to face, then between them Make a wooden partition, even then love behavior will remain in them.
Whether it is the reception room or the waiting room, it should be in the North-East direction, unnecessary files which are never opened or are needed in years, arrangements should be made to keep such files in the South-West direction and arrangement should be made to remove them from time to time. should do
By making all these small arrangements, you can take your office on the path of progress, if you are facing any kind of problem or are not able to understand your situation well, then take help of Astro Yes. By doing this, you can overcome your problems, based on their advice and guidance, you can take your work towards success.
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