birth time rectification B.T.R.
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B. T. R.

Birth Time Rectification

No Correct Birth time & Date What can i do ?

Don’t Worry your Solution is here…

If you also want to study your birth chart properly and want accurate prediction, then its basis depends on your correct details, date of birth, time and place of birth, on the basis of these three, a horoscope is formed. Confused that the exact time of my birth will be the same or there may be some time difference in it, this can happen due to various reasons, if we talk about the old days, more attention was given to the hour of the clock but the minute I was not given that much attention, but today in mobile time also we pay attention to the hour and minute, but if we follow the time which doctors tell us, then will the doctor really pay attention to the clock or on his other work (delivery) But) now you can think for yourself because at the time of birth the whole attention of the doctors and nurses is to protect the child and its mother completely and not their purpose to note the time, so if you read your birth chart If you want to get it analyzed properly, then you must get it verified once. There are many ways to get it verified, they have their rules, by using them, by verifying your birth chart, its correctness is verified, which is based on your past events.

Now you must have understood very well that which birth time is so special, the place of birth is equally important, if it is not correct then the prediction may not be accurate. A small station is important for verification of your birth chart.


If you are not sure about the time of your birth, not sure about the date, not sure about the year, then you should get it certified by the same procedures.Some past events are being described here, giving information about some of these events can improve your horoscope.


Marriage or engagement?

The initial phase of the love affair and details of the breakup?

If Any transfer or change of job or joining of a new job?

Any suspension?

Any reinstatement after


any accident?

A disease that has lasted for some time?

Any heavy loss such as theft?

Have you received any awards for any work?

Is there any foreign travel or there is Any cut mark on the body?

By giving information about some of these or any such event, you can improve your horoscope and elevate the standard of your life with an accurate prediction.

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Birth Time Rectification

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