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Have you had any questions in your mind for a long time, if yes, then yes, you can ask your question to us without any hesitation,

so that you can be more successful in your life? We are always ready to play the role of guiding you towards greater success.We are discussing some similar questions below by people, if you have any of these questions, then just select the question and end your confusion, and move forward towards the light in a new way.


Professionals can ask their questions for Bright Career

I have lost my job, when will I get a new job?

I want to live with my parents in my old city Will I get a promotion there?

I am worried for a long time, will I get a job this year?

I have completed my studies how is my horoscope for a better job?

My son has completed his studies, will he get more promotions in his job or business?

I have been working for a long time in one job and one seat, when will I get a promotion is there any possibility of promotion or not?

I can do good business or job please guide?

Will I earn well in my job or will I earn well in business, remove my confusion?

My business is not doing well, I am worried about what should I do?

I am having many problems in my office should I move my place will it be beneficial for me now?

I do job work, is it my progress or should I do something else with it?

I want to do business do it independently or in partnership with someone?

Can I get more promotions by partnering?

I want to work abroad is it possible for me?

Studying abroad and working both is my dream, will it be fulfilled?

In which field should I work, will construction work make me more successful?

Can I become an officer in civil services?

Can I become an IAS officer?

I am looking for a new job is this time suitable for me or will I have to wait some more time?

When will I get a promotion in the business I am doing?

Would it be right for me to change the business I am in?

going for a job interview will I be successful?

I am scared in the name of the interview please give your guidance?

I have failed in the interview once, now I want to be successful again, what should I do?

While giving an interview, I forget everything, words do not come out of my mouth, and my words falter, will I be able to clear the interview?

Which field of business should I do?

I have four professions in mind, which one should I choose?

I am confused between two businesses which will make me more successful in these two please guide me?

How will the field of politics be for me please guide me?

I have a lot of interest in politics, can I make it a career?

I want to make a career in politics, does my birth chart allow it?

Social service is my goal, I want to make it a career, will it be successful?

If I want to raise the level of society as well as myself, when will I get success in politics for this?


I want to take a loan from the bank will I get a loan easily

I will have to take a loan or will I have a loss

I will get a loan easily or hardly

If I take a loan then I will be able to repay it too please guide me

By when will I be able to repay my loan please guide me

I have given my money on loan now I need money how long will I be able to recover it

My money is stuck in the market, when will I be able to recover it, is it possible for me this year?

Will I get the enjoyment of ancestral property or not?

After giving a loan to someone, there will be no hindrance in my progress.

Will I be a millionaire in the next 3 years

After how many years will I be able to earn more and more money?

Can I get help from my friends or relatives for money, should I contact them for financial help

Will investing in the share market be beneficial for me?

Would playing betting in stocks be a better option for me?

Will I soon become a millionaire with stocks?

I want to invest in stocks for the long term how is my chart for that?

How is trading in shares for me and my family?

Will investing in the property be beneficial for me?

Can I do good builder’s work I am interested in that?

I want to buy a property, should I invest my own money or take a loan and buy which will be more profitable?

I have been wanting to buy a property for a long time, will I buy it?

Is there any property in my destiny, is it my destiny to buy it?

I want to take a home loan will it be easy to get?

If I take a loan, but there will be no problem in repaying it?


Marriage questions

Questions related to the marriage of you and your family

I have heard that love marriages often break up, is it true?

I am married. Will I get married this year?

Will my marriage be a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Will I get married in this city or another city?

will I marry a foreigner?

I would like to marry the person I love?

I work, my age is more than the age of marriage, so should you marry me?

My first wife/husband has passed away or not?

I don’t have a good marital relationship with my first wife so want to get a divorce is it right?

I doubt if my life partner will love me what does he think of me?

I want a loving partner is my horoscope the sum of a loving partner?

Will my life partner be a restriction for me or will there be someone else in his life?

I want everything from my life partner, what should I do about this please guide me?

There is someone else in my life partner’s life how to confirm it is it my doubt or truth please tell me by looking at their horoscope?

His attitude towards me has changed a bit, if he gets angry with me then he will not leave me, I am afraid please guide me?

there is more problem between me and my life partner is this problem because of me or because of them please guide me?

I am very upset I am not married yet what is the reason for how long is my marriage possible?
My parents are very upset, I do not see their problems, they are looking for my life partner for me but I am not married yet please guide me?

I want to marry the one I love will my love marriage be successful?

I want full information about the person I love is it possible?

The one I love loves me the same way or can she guide anyone else, please?

There is a problem in marriage again and again, is my marriage fixed now please guide me?

I want full information about when I will be able to get remarried?


love & Relationship

whether he loves me or not?

Will my relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend last long or not?

I have had some disputes with my lover since then I am worried will my relationship be normal?

I am very worried does he loves me or just pretend to love me believe him or not?

Should I be in a live-in relationship or should I get married and live a married life?

Will it be the right decision if I am in a live-in relationship with my boyfriend?

Will my lover be my life partner or someone else?

The one whom I love/is my life partner, isn’t it?

I have some disputes with him about how long will it end in a few days or if will it last longer?

I am ready to maintain a relationship, but it is that if I do not listen, my relationship will continue, will it not?


Property and Vehicles

You can also ask questions related to your property and vehicle

when will I buy my own house?

I have been living on rent for a long time now I want my own house is there the sum of my own house in my horoscope?

I want to buy commercial property but am not getting it when can I get it?

I want to sell my property at a good price, when will it be sold?

Will I be able to get my right on my ancestral property?

The property I am going to buy will make me grow?

I will be lucky after buying a property, will I not get any misfortune?

Best time to buy property tell when to invest in property?

Solve my problem, which of the two properties will be more beneficial for me?

I should buy commercial property or domestic please guide me?

Whenever I go to buy a property, there is some problem or the other, why does this happen?

should I invest in property or Fixed Deposit in a bank?
How would it be better for me to buy a property?

Which direction property will be beneficial for me?

Will buying property be beneficial for me or will I get confused?

Is Will buying a vehicle this month be beneficial for me and my family?

Which color vehicle will be more auspicious for me?

Property dispute has become a headache for me, when will I get rid of it?

I was kicked out of my ancestral property now I should see a new property?
I will get my right to my ancestral property should I fight for this?


Health related problem

Health-related questions frequently asked

What should I do to be in good health?

When will I be able to come out of my illness?

Will allopathy be better for my treatment or homeopath, should I go to Ayurveda or a naturopath?

The doctor from whom I am getting my treatment, will this disease be cured by me or should I go to some other doctor?

Do I have any other option but to have surgery?

The doctor told me that I am suffering from mental illness, is there any way for Yash to come out of it?

The doctor gave me a depression pill can your life coach get me off this medicine?

I am suffering from anxiety for the last 2 years, and have to take medicine every day, can yes help me to get off my medicine?

what is the problem I can’t tell but I am not fine please fix my problem

I need medicine but I am not able to guess what has happened to me, have done all kinds of checkups, and the doctor does not understand anything but gives a multi-vitamin tablet and says will you be fine, will is there any solution for my problem?

I can’t sleep at night, do you have a solution for this problem?

I have nightmares at night how can this help me?

Suddenly I start sweating in the night, I feel like unknown fear, I request this to guide me?

Even after taking allopathic homeopathy and Ayurveda all three remedies, my problem is not getting solved, I am afraid of the unknown, and feel that someone is coming from behind please guide me?

I am afraid of my shadow please give me your invaluable guide?

I have some problem with my kidney, the doctor has told me all kinds of treatment but no treatment is working what should I do please guide me?


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