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Concerns for children

Every parent desires that their child should progress in the future, their child can easily overcome the difficulties of future paths and reach their destination. They even decorate their dreams for some reason, but will they be able to give direction to their children or not, whether their children will obey them or not, is this concern for there children justified, or should they leave their children independently? In AstroYes, people have often asked such questions, which are being described below, in which there will be no problem of any kind in the birth of children or delivery or after birth. Through Astroyes, you can get answers to your questions very easily.

Frequently asked questions

  1. My child’s health is often poor, what is the reason ?
  2. My child does not feel like studying, what could be the reason?
  3. Which stream should my child take art science or commerce technical classical or which?
  4. what is the reason my baby can’t sleep?
  5. my baby is dull what is the reason?
  6. My child wants to be alone and does not speak with everyone, what is the reason?
  7. My child is not able to fight with other children and loses to them what is the reason?


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