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shrad and pitrapaksha 2022

Pitru Paksha 2022

Pitru Paksha 2022 is starting from 10th September 2022. In Hinduism, sixteen days of the year are dedicated to one’s ancestors or ancestors, which is called Pitru Paksha or Shradh Paksha. According to Hindu calendar, Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is celebrated as Pitru Paksha and Pitru Paksha starts from the end of Anant Chaudas Tithi and Purnima Tithi of Bhadrapada month. This time Pitru Paksha will start from 10th September and will continue till 25th September.
According to the astrologer of Astroyes, the total number of Shradhs is 16, in which the first Shradh takes place on the full moon date of Bhadrapada month and from this day the Shradh Paksha is considered to begin. This time Pitru Paksha will begin with the full moon shradh on 10th September and in the same order Pratipada shradh will be done on 11th, Dwitiya on 12th and Tritiya and Chaturthi on 13th while Panchami will be shraddha on 14th and 15th and 16th. Shraadh will be held on both the days of September, Shashti Tithi . After this, Shradh of Saptami Tithi on 17th September, Shradh of Ashtami Tithi on 18th Sept. Shradh of Navami Tithi on 19th Sept. Shradh of Dashami Tithi on 20th Sept. Shradh of Ekadashi Tithi on 21st Sept. Shradh of Dwadashi Tithi on 22nd September to Trayodashi Tithi on 23rd Sept. Shradh of Chaturdashi Tithi on 24th September and Amavasya Shradh on 25th September will be in a straight line.
Note that the Shradh of Tritiya and Chaturthi Tithi will be held on the same day on 13th September. Whereas on both the 15th and 16th of September, Shashti Tithi will be Shradh.
The real meaning of Pitru Paksha is to show one’s reverence to one’s ancestors, hence it is named as Shradh Paksha or Shradh. The Shradh Paksha will begin with the full moon on 10th September and will continue till 25th September. Chaitra Navratri is starting from the next day i.e. 26. The astrologers of Astroyes say that there will be a complete Pitru Paksha of sixteen days this time. It is starting from the full moon date of Bhadrapaksha, which will end on September 25.
This time of 16 days is the time to meditate on one’s ancestors, that’s why every person should bow down to his ancestors and give water to his ancestors and should have bhramhan bhoj on the date of his parents.

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