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Raksha Bandhan 2023

Rakshabandhan 2023:

Special festival of brother-sister love and relationship

This special festival is considered a symbol of the brother-sister bond. On the day of Rakshabandhan, wishes are made for a prosperous and happy future by the grace of God and the sister promises to protect her brother by tying him with a Raksha sutra. Through this bond, the brother also promises to protect his sister from all troubles. It is a very pious and loving festival which makes the love and relation of brother and sister stronger.

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When is Raksha Bandhan in 2023

According to the Hindi calendar, “Rakshabandhan 2023 will be celebrated on 31st August this year. This day will be Thursday and Shatabhisha Nakshatra will be there” Rakshabandhan is a special and lovely festival of brother-sister love and bonding in India. Raksha Bandhan, on this day, is also associated with the holy Rakhi made by Draupadi, the dearest friend of Lord Shri Krishna, as well as the message of love by Mata Sati and Goddess Lakshmi for their brother.

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Rakshabandhan special preparations

On the day of Rakshabandhan, special preparations are made in the homes. The sister chooses a beautiful rakhi for her brother, after wearing it, the brother wears it. Then after that, the sister applies Tilak to her brother and feeds him, sweets. After this, the siblings give each other special gifts and hug each other with words of love and blessings. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, it is considered the first duty to donate silver and gold ornaments in Akshaya Patri.

Rakshabandhan is a family festival

Rakshabandhan is a family festival where children, youth and elders all come together to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness. On this day special food and drinks are prepared in the families and all the members celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan together.

Raksha Bandhan and relationship

Rakshabandhan 2023 will be a unique and special occasion to take brother-sister love and bonding to new heights. May this festival bring the message of mutual love, respect, and bonding into your life. It will be a very sweet and happy day when you will be able to make your brother or sister feel their importance and your love for them.

Let’s make a resolution this Raksha Bandhan

This Rakshabandhan, let’s celebrate the brother-sister’s love and feel the depth of this unique bond. Will play this love relationship with heart and swear to protect each other. I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Raksha Bandhan. Many congratulations to you on Rakshabandhan!