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Why change is happening in Bihar

Nitish Kumar born on March 1, 1951,

This was the first time in the NDA alliance in Bihar that when BJP was in the role of elder brother with more seats and Nitish Kumar’s JDU was in the role of younger brother with fewer seats and the government was commanded by Nitish Kumar in Bihar for the record 7th time as Chief Minister. The planetary positions were giving very interesting and surprising astrological signs when the oath of office was taken. In the horoscope of Nitish Kumar born on March 1, 1951, the Moon is also located in the Jyestha constellation in Scorpio. According to the main texts of Muhurta Shastra, it is not considered appropriate to do auspicious work in the birth sign and birth constellation. Along with this, the time around the day of Sun’s zodiac change i.e. Sankranti is also not considered good from the point of view of Muhurta. Nevertheless, Nitish ji took the oath at the time when the Sun entered Scorpio and was in conjunction with the Moon and Ketu. Taking oath of Nitish Kumar at such a time will surround him under all-out pressure. Aries ascendant was rising at the time of Nitish Kumar’s swearing-in which being a variable sign indicates a big change. As a result of which the completion of its full term was seen as a challenge.

Root cause of problem

 Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is very lucky. It is clear from his time count that he will once again occupy the power of Bihar. The politics of Bihar revolves around Nitish Kumar. In the present times, be it BJP with Nitish Kumar or RJD, both the parties are incomplete without Nitish. In compulsion, but other parties have to accept him as the Chief Minister.

Birth details and their history

Nitish Kumar was born on 1 March 1951 in Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar. After getting an engineering degree in 1972, he joined the Bihar State Electricity Board, but after some time he turned to politics. Participated in the entire movement of Jayaprakash Narayan from 1974 to 1977. Elected to the Bihar Legislative Assembly for the first time in 1985. After that, he continued to move forward in politics. In the year 2000, he became the Chief Minister for the first time, but he had to leave the post in just 7 days. After that he was the Chief Minister of Bihar from 2005 to 2014. In July 2017, he again took oath as the Chief Minister together with RJD, but due to mutual differences, he had to resign. After some time, he again became the Chief Minister with the NDA. Nitish Kumar has traveled a lot of ups and downs from the Chief Minister of the state to the Centre.

What does Nitish Kumar’s birth chart say:

   The birth chart of Nitish Kumar born in Gemini ascendant is a wonderful combination of auspicious and inauspicious yogas. Sahaj Bhava i.e. lord of fourth house Mercury being in 9th house and lord of 9th house Saturn being situated in Virgo sign and being in fourth house is creating change Raja Yoga. Due to this yoga, Nitish Kumar got success in sitting on a high position and he got success as a successful ruler. Due to the presence of high zodiac Venus in the karmic house of the horoscope, the mass of the public is with them! That is, Nitish became a successful leader in connecting the people. Due to the presence of Mars in Karma Bhava, total Deepak Yoga has been created. It is clear from the name of this yoga that the house, family and nation runs on the basis of karma that shows light to the darkness. Due to this Raja Yoga, Nitish Kumar not only illuminated the name of his family but also the name of his village and state. Due to this yoga, industrialists like Mukesh Ambani did not only carry forward the business of their father, but also illuminated the name of their family all over the world and connected crores of people through their business. Similarly, due to the formation of Budhaditya Yoga by joining Sun and Mercury in the religious house, by incorporating caste sentiments in religious sentiments, he established his supremacy among the people of the state. Malavya Yoga was formed due to the presence of Venus in Pisces in the 10th house. Due to this yoga, Nitish Kumar moved ahead by joining social work and cleverly acquired proficiency in politics and enjoyed power. Gajakesari Yoga was also formed due to the debilitated Moon in the 6th house seeing Jupiter from its fourth point of view. But, due to this yoga being weak, they could not yet succeed in taking them to the highest position of India.


Will be reinstated in power

   Due to the presence of Jadtva Yoga in the birth chart of Nitish Kumar, he is very clever and cunning. The presence of Moon Scorpio and Ascendant Gemini always inspires them for amazing success. Due to this yoga, they seize the opportunity with time. Due to this yoga, friends always get support and there is an increase in wealth and skills. Along with the formation of Jadtva Yoga in the ninth house of Nitish Kumar’s birth chart, the difference of Ketu in the current position of Rahu is also indicating that you are going to be attracted towards your old partner. With the difference of Ketu in Rahu running from October 2019, Nitish Kumar can be established in Bihar with more and more majority with the help of friends and on the basis of his clever working skills.

Conclusion of Astroyes

If the result is obtained through Astroyes, then in the coming time, when there will be a difference of Venus in Rahu, then Nitish Kumar will once again remember the support of BJP and possibly he can again hold the support of BJP after the next election. In its new light, some confusing situation is visible at this time, which in the coming time as the clouds dissipate, in such a way that when those confusing situations are removed, things will start to be clearly visible.

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