Shree Ganeshay Namah

Sarvesh Kesarwani

Astrologer || Vastu Expert || Palmist || Numerologist || Healer

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To our live Workshop Join on Zoom app

To our live Workshop Join on Zoom app

Event on – 11 june 2023 Sunday

Event Starting Time – 11:00 am

What You Will Learn In This Workshop?

  • What is Astrology ?
  • How does Astrology work ?
  • How can Astrology help ?
  • Myths in Astrology ?
  • Astrology changes life.
  • Principles of Astrology.
  • Astrology as a profession.
  • Benefits of Astrology.
  • Importance of Planets.
  • What is Nakshatra
  • How to Make a Horoscope.
  • Kundali analysis.
  • What is Planets.
  • What is House ?
  • What is Sign ?
  • How to see Wealth in kundali ?
  • How to see Health in kundali ?
  • How to see Love and Relationship in kundali ?
  • Career and Finance.
  • Marriage and Relationship.
  • Education and Stream.
  • Child Birth.
  • Remedy.

To our live Workshop Join on Zoom app

Meet Your Coach

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Our Team

To our live Workshop on Zoom app


I came to Astroyes because I had some problems in my private life. They created my horoscope and interpreted my natal chart concerning the issues I worried about. Sometimes it is important to know that all your problems can be solved. yes it is possible…

Ritesh Agrawal


My child was getting off the world recently so I thought for once I should believe Astroyes for the sake of my child’s mental health and it was worth it. My believe didn’t ditch me back.

Maya Gabriella


I was really confused between applying for job or starting my own business since I was in college, later I applied for a job but it wasn’t really helping me and leaving job was a great risk. Though it was worth the risk after Astroyes helped me taking this decision.

Avinash Saxena

Prayagraj U.P.

Astroyes had my back that I’m this successful in my business. At every point I felt like falling apart, astroyes saved me with its solutions which were worth everything.

Rukmani Agrawal

New Delhi

Thanks to Astroyes I’m this confident and able to chase my dreams with such enthusiasm after being so depressed and hopeless.

Nikhil Gupta


What to say, I’m amazed astrology can be that accurate. I never believed in such stuff but it helped me a lot in solving my confusion about my studies and career.

Kritika Jaiswal