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Natal Chart Readings

What are the advantages of learning online vedic astrology?

Do you know about astrology and its branches ? Here we discuss Vedic astrology and its effects: Learning Vedic astrology can offer several advantages, depending on one's interests and beliefs. Here are some potential advantages associated with learning Vedic astrology: Self-Understanding: Vedic astrology provides a framework for understanding oneself on a deeper level. By analyzing birth…

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Importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology

What is the importance of Bhava Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology? Natal chart is essential but the birth chart should be seen from chalit horoscope because in chalit horoscope the clear position of planets and house signs is given. What is the difference between Lagna Kundli and Chalit Kundli in Nadi Astrology? In fact, According to Nadi…

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