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Do you know, What are anxiety attacks?

I was told that your oxygen is 98, Puls is 95 and my BP is normal, I felt strange to hear my breath was still stopping and now I was about to die, I also told my family members my last wish only then I was told that you have anxiety has had an attack

Let us understand in detail:


I was being kissed. I felt fine. Every one of my concerns were 1,000 miles away.

Out of nowhere, I was unable to relax.

I attempted over and over to completely breathe in yet my breath was trapped toward the rear of my throat. Air wasn’t coming to my lungs.

My heart began beating. Something was exceptionally off-base.

I realized I was having a respiratory failure. Presumably some undiscovered inherent thing… poop, this planned to crush my loved ones. Particularly so not long after losing my grandmother.

On the speedy ride to the closest ER my vision was burrowing. My fingertips felt shivery. I was swallowing air, mouth expanding like the carp I’d tossed bread to as a kid.

While the conceding medical caretaker put a heartbeat oximeter on my finger and it streaked close to 100% she said, “Honey, you’re getting as much air as I am at this moment. See this number. That is a decent number”. She helped me breathe in and breathe out until I could slow down and rest.

My grandmother, my #1 individual, was in the ground five states away. Two days after her memorial service, I took off and start failing to remember her, my annoying void, and the loved ones I’d abandoned.

My Dad told me, years after the fact, that he had bad dreams for a very long time after she passed on and I left. Cold perspiration, awaken shouting bad dreams. He isn’t great at feelings all things considered.

Despondency discovers a way. Regardless of how diligently we attempt to push it back in.

This was my main involvement in a mental breakdown. It was a lot to persuade me how frighteningly actual an encounter it is. I was sure I planned to kick the bucket.

Sometime thereafter, I sat in the emergency clinic parking garage and pulled the radio wire up on my initial model mobile phone. He replied on the principal ring.

Do you want to solve your problem?

i said Yes

Can you do meditation?

i said yes

So he soon told me some meditation tips which I desperately needed. According to my problem, he told many tricks step by step and helped me to solve my problem, I am thankful to the astrologers whose guidance today gave me a lot of relief in my anxiety problem.


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