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Birth Time Rectification


If you also want to study your birth chart properly and want accurate prediction, then its basis depends on your correct details, date of birth, time and place of birth, on the basis of these three, a horoscope is formed. Confused that the exact time of my birth will be the same or there may be some time difference in it, this can happen due to various reasons

what are the Birth time rectification techniques?

By giving information about some Past events, you can improve your horoscope and elevate the standard of your life with an accurate prediction.


How does Birth time rectification online work?


  • Birth time correction can help find the right subject or stream in your career.
  • Birth time rectification online is the key to helping you find whether to choose between business and job.
  • Judging the inter-relationship between family members and friends can get easier with birth time rectification.
  • Your birth chart can help you in choosing the type of business.
  • Checking your love compatibility Understanding the wealth of yoga
  • help to Select the life partner
  • Good understanding of the potency of diseases
  • Evaluating deeds of past life karma.




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