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Acharya Ashish

Acharya Ashish

I am Acharya Ashish Palm Specialist. I am an Astrologer by profession. I was addicted to something new and innovative since childhood and perhaps that is why I got the good fortune to do many things in the field of mechanical and automobile apart from the electrical field Happened. The multifaceted hobby kept giving me a sense of dissatisfaction and incompleteness. And finally, my search ended as an astrologer.


  In the last 10 years, after completing his graduation in samudrikshastra, I received the title of Jyotish acharya, Jyotish Shiromani, Ank Jyotish Samrat.

   Continuously spent my time and too much hard work studying and penance on these subjects and today got a special qualification in  ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY, PRASHNA , and Samudrik Shastra, but I like most palmistry and many times I got blessings and appreciation from I gurus for my research work.

Specialist in

Today I am playing the role of palm specialist and teacher by joining AstroSay.

I am extremely happy and wish that this association continues forever and students continue to benefit from Astroyes.