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Acharya Sonal

Acharya Sonal

Acharya Sonal is a renowned numerologist specializing in Vedic numerology, astrology (western & Vedic) and tarot card reading. She has completed numerology under the guidance of Shri Akshit Kapoor. She is an expert in Vedic, Pythagorean, Chaldean and Cheiro numerology. She has done thorough research on this subject to gain in-depth knowledge about this science’s divinity. In her opinion, the most critical factor that determines our destiny is our karmic number. Numerology or astrology cannot give us solutions to our problems until and unless we connect them to our karmic actions. She specializes in solving personal/professional issues, name correction, name & date of birth analysis, business name analysis and rectification. Her focus is to help people with all knowledge & strength.

I would like to use my expertise in vedic numerology to serve and help people, which I have learnt my Guru.

I am amongst only a few numerologist who knows “vedic” science of numerology which gives a different perspective of looking into problems.


I am fortunate that Astroyes has considered me worthy of teaching Numerology and has given me the responsibility. With the grace of God, I will discharge this responsibility with full dedication.