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surya grah shanti puja


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Surya Grah Shanti Puja

Every planet has its own importance in the future. Each planet has a specific belief and trademark. There are positive results when it is in a promising house, while unfavorable results are also seen when it is in the lower house. In prophecy, the Sun, the principal deity of the Navagrahas, is the main noticeable type of god that we can see. The Sun is depicted in the Vedas as the soul of the world and the eye of the creator. This planet is considered important. It is the source of our energy that is why the sages have accepted Surya as the supreme God and have introduced rituals of worshiping him to receive heavenly gifts. There are many names for the sun in Sanskrit, of which the most widely known names are Surya, Ravi, Aditya, Bhaskara, etc. The Sun has its own special significance in a person’s horoscope. The meaning of Sun in a horoscope is inevitability, your character, general well being, parenthood, authority, high position, productive public life. It ends your Obstacle in government work etc. If Sun is problematic or burdened by other planets, it can give foreboding results in the above mentioned daily issues. This can cause blockage. can take away a person’s happiness…

Why book online puja through Astroyes only:

This puja is performed personally by our Vedic priest with full devotion according to the Vedic standards and procedures according to the rituals.

Our Vedic pandits (priests) invoke God only for their client, so they do only one puja at a time. This puja is started with a resolution, so this puja is done to fulfill its purpose and the client gets the desired result soon.

In this puja, according to the requirement of the client, positive energy should flow in more quantity and they get maximum benefits, therefore high quality and according to the scriptures are used.

You can participate in this puja online with your family through Google Meet or Zoom.

The Astroyes team organizes transparent online worship according to the auspicious time according to the scriptures.

How it works 

Surya Puja is performed with Shodashopachara way along with reciting traditional Surya Mantra 7000 times. Puja also involves the HOMA ( Havan) ritual wherein, ghee, sesame, barley, and other sacred material related to Lord Sun will be offered to Agani while reciting 700 Surya Mantras. Yagya is a significant remedy to remove the evil effect of the globes in our Birth Chart. To get maximum positive results, Puja will be performed on the nearest stylish Muhurat i.e Sunday or on day of Surya Nakshatra. In order to complete the Puja during the auspicious Muhurta, Astroyes will appoint a team of priests led by an Aacharya who are masters of the Vedic rituals.

When you choose it then Surya Puja can give you the following benefits:-

  • Remove obstacles from career growth
  • Remove negative vibes around you and shield off the effect of evil spirits and ghost murk
  • Boost your tone- confidence and ameliorate your public image
  • Remove negativity and  Enhances the positive effect of the Sun in your Birth Chart or Kundli.
  • Ensure relief from sorrows & thrall
  • Improvise relationship with father and help in working inherited property issues Gain health, wealth, and substance in life



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