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Buddh Graha Shanti Puja


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The Mercury Buddh grah shanti puja


In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered the courier of divine beings. Frequently called Budha, Mercury provides the ability to separate between benefic and malefic thoughts, or significant and fiendishness. It addresses insight, correspondence, and tastefulness. Mercury is a karaka or mark of insight, business, exchange, instruction, correspondence, discourse, composing, books, humor, researchers, hoodlums, and crystal gazers. Individuals brought into the world with a solid Mercury are honored with sharp reasoning skills yet they may likewise show uneasiness and hesitation. In like manner, locals with malefic Mercury might have memory issues, absence of understanding, and may confront troubles because of correspondence bungles. Budha Puja engages the frail Mercury in the horoscope and lessens its malefic impacts.

How it functions

Budha (Mercury) Puja is performed with Shodashopachara ventures alongside reciting conventional Budha Mantra multiple times. Puja additionally includes the “HOMA” (Havan) custom wherein, Ghee, Seasam, Barley, and other hallowed material connected with Lord Budha (Mercury) will be proposed to Agani with presenting 1600 Mantras of Budha. Yagya is a critical solution for improving the beneficial outcome of the planet in our diagram and obtaining the most extreme positive outcomes. Puja will be performed on the closest best Muhurat i.e Wednesday or the day of “Budha Nakshatra”. To finish the Puja during the promising Muhurta, Astroyes.com will choose a group of a team of priests driven by an Aacharya who are experts of the Vedic customs.

When you choose it then Buddha Puja can give you the following benefits:-

Support your insight and ability to communicate

Upgrade your insightful capacity and correspondence

Grow a group of friends, rationale, and humor

Fortify your business, trade, and exchange

Upgrade the constructive outcome of Mercury


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