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Shani Grah Shanti Puja


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Shani Grah Shanti Puja


In Vedic Astrology, Shani (Shanaishcharas) implies the person who moves gradually means an old man. It requires over two years to cross the one zodiac sign and all Zodiac signs are completed in 30 years. Saturn is viewed as a malefic planet in Vedic soothsaying. Besides, it assumes the part of an instructor who shows you the main examples of your life during its travel i.e Sadesati or Dhaiya. A solid Saturn in your introduction to the world graph can get achievement every one of your undertakings, brings satisfaction and fortitude to prevail upon your foes, fame, and considerably more. In any case, a troublesome situation of Saturn in your introduction to the world graph is probably going to bring wretchedness, distress, neediness, misfortune, misfortune, disciplines, and so on, in light of your past deeds. Offering supplications to pacify Shani Dev (Saturn), particularly with Vedic Rituals, is said to relieve the difficulties that you might look at during travel periods.

Why book online puja through Astroyes only:

  • This puja is performed personally by our Vedic priest with full devotion according to the Vedic standards and procedures according to the rituals.
  • Our Vedic pandits (priests) invoke God only for their client, so they do only one puja at a time. This puja is started with a resolution, so this puja is done to fulfill its purpose and the client gets the desired result soon.
  • In this puja, according to the requirement of the client, positive energy should flow in more quantity and they get maximum benefits, therefore high quality and according to the scriptures are used.
  • You can participate in this puja online with your family through Google Meet or Zoom.
  • The Astroyes team organizes transparent online worship according to the auspicious time according to the scriptures.

How it functions

Shani (Saturn) Puja is performed with Shodashopachara ventures alongside discussing customary Shani Mantra multiple times. Puja likewise includes the “HOMA” (Havan) custom wherein, ghee, sesame, grain, and other sacrosanct material connected with Lord Saturn will be proposed to Agani while presenting 2300 Shanti (Sani) Mantras. Yagya is a huge solution for eliminating the malicious impacts of the planets in your graph. To come by most extreme positive outcomes, Puja will be performed on the closest best Muhurat i.e Saturday or on the day of “Saturn Nakshatra”. To finish the Puja during the promising Muhurta, will name a group of priests driven by an Aacharya. Every one of the priests is an expert in the Vedic ceremonies.

consult you with the accompanying advantages:

Decrease the impacts of Shani Sadesati or Dhaiya

  • Alleviate difficulty and disasters made by Saturn
  • Obtain positive aftereffects of your diligent effort
  • Beat delayed medical problems
  • Improves beneficial outcome of Saturn in your introduction to the world graph
  • Achieve an inward feeling of harmony and eliminate pessimistic considerations
  • Get Success in Business
  • Acquire name, distinction, success, and abundance throughout everyday life
  • Release your fear, depression, and anxiety


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