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Chandra Graha Shanti Puja


When you choose it then Chandra (moon) Puja can give you the following benefits:-

Decreases the malefic effect of all planetary doshas.

Acquire inner serenity and eliminate negative considerations

Improve and assemble your distinction and notoriety

Defeat medical problems

Control state of mind swings which assists with keeping up with great relationship

Upgrades constructive outcome of Moon in your introduction to the world graph

Acquire wellbeing, abundance and flourishing throughout everyday life

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Chandra (Moon)

Obviously, life on the earth is supported because of the presence of two lights in our Solar framework for example the Sun and the Moon. As indicated by Vedic soothsaying, the Moon is the most compelling planet, as it administers your feelings, sentiments, conduct, personality, controls your force of brain and adaptability. In this way, definitively the Sun oversees your spirit and the Moon administers your brain. The local with a solid moon can support any tensions and gain flourishing throughout everyday life. Similarly, the adversely tormented Moon might cause strain, melancholy, temperament swings, influence your thinking abilities, and so on. With the assistance of Chandra Puja, you can fortify your moon in the birth diagram and may get progress in every one of the circles of life.

How it functions

Chandra (Moon) Puja is performed with Shodashopachara ventures alongside recounting customary Chandra Mantra multiple times. Puja likewise includes the “HOMA” (Havan) custom wherein, ghee, sesame, grain, and other consecrated material connected with Lord Moon will be proposed to Agani while presenting 1100 Chandra (Soma) Mantras. Yagya is a huge solution for eliminating the underhanded impacts of the planets in your outline. To obtain the greatest positive outcomes, Puja will be performed on the closest best Muhurat i.e Monday or on day of “Moon Nakshatra”. To finish the Puja during the favorable Muhurta, will delegate a group of priests driven by an Aacharya. Every one of the ministers are the bosses of the Vedic customs.



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