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Started on July 22, 2024Starting Soon...

If a happy life is to be imagined, then the cooperation of another person becomes necessary in it. Maybe your friend, your lover, maybe your life partner, may also be your business partner.

  So is your partner as attached to you as you are to him? Does your boyfriend love you as much as you are interested in him? Is it that you give her all the love and she is devoted to someone else?

Some of the frequently asked questions are being described below, according to this, you can also know more and more about your relationship through astrology:-

1 Is the person I am going to marry is my soul mate or should I continue my search now?

2 Does he really love me or not?

3 Will my relationship continue now or will it continue like this?

4 Will we have a good relationship with me and my kids?

5 How will my married life be with whoever I am going to talk to?

6 When is my marital relationship likely to last?

7 Should I divorce my partner and look for a new partner?

8 Will I have the right to decide my child’s future?


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