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Started on July 22, 2024Starting Soon...

The Energy pendulum is a tool used in divination. You begin to focus on the question or situation at hand and after a few moments your vision will become blurred as you look at the Energy pendulum, and images will begin to form in your mind. It takes a bit of focus and practice, but you should make note of the images you receive and how they could relate to the situation.
Our brain has many parts, we all know that by science, let us now talk about our interconnected glands. Our pineal gland is the center of our entire body structure and the secrets of births are hidden inside it, between our eyes, in the edomites bone. There are microscopic particles of iron, dolphins, pigeons and other creatures also have iron in the brain. All these scientific experiments show that microscopic traces of iron act as directional indicators. Everyone else was asked to see, except a few, because the iron particle present in the ethmoid, which was built near our pituitary gland, acted as a pointer. Albert Einstein also believed that dowsing was the result of electromagnetic attraction.
It is a skill that can be developed, and anyone can learn.


  • Every answer is posible.
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  • Energy Pendulam connect with Zodiac
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