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In this card, it portrays a man who is suspended topsy turvy, and he is balancing by his foot from the living scene tree. This tree is established where it counts in the hidden world, and supporting the heavens is known. It is accepted that the hanging man is really situated there willingly. We accept this in view of the tranquil demeanor which is all over. His right foot is bound to the branches, yet his left foot remains completely free. Simultaneously, he is holding his hands behind his back in a manner which shapes a modified triangle. His wearing of red jeans are a portrayal of the actual body and human’s energy, while the blue that he wears in his shirt are illustrative of quiet feelings, a variety blend that is regularly found in holy people. His mind is represented by the yellow shade of his shoes, hair and corona.

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Upstanding Hanged Man Meaning

The hanged man comprehends that his position is a penance that he expected to gain to headway forward – whether as contrition for past bad behaviors, or a determined step in reverse to recalculate his way forward. This time he spends here won’t be squandered, he does this as a feature of his movement forward. His topsy turvy state can likewise represent the sensation of those that walk a profound way, for they see the world in an unexpected way. Where there are others that don’t comprehend the need to forfeit, you see it in an unexpected way. This is a normal flow of activity for you as you walk the way alone.

The Hanged Man card mirrors a specific need to suspend specific activity. Thus, this could show a specific time of hesitation. This implies that specific activities or choices which should be appropriately carried out are probably going to be delayed regardless of whether there is a direness to act at this specific second. As a matter of fact, it would be eventually awesome assuming you are fit for slowing down specific activities to guarantee that you have additional opportunity to consider settling on basic choices, this will at last be awesome.


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