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Often, sitting at home or working in the same office, the mind gets bored, then it comes to mind that why not go on vacation for a few days, why not for a few days with your family, with your friends or with your lover and family. I come for a few days with my girlfriend, but when I go to book a ticket, I don’t get a ticket or there is a problem that does not allow us to travel. People have also asked the question of going abroad and asked whether we will get a visa to this country easily or if I am going to settle there then is it my right time so many questions have been asked and one It has also been asked that I am fond of traveling, but if my life partner is not ready, will my yoga be able to travel?


Many questions related to travel have been asked like :

  • Will I get a US visa or not?y
  • Will I be able to go abroad or not?
  • Will I spend my holidays in the mountains this summer?
  • Is there travel yoga in my birth chart or not?
  • Making predictions for the future
  • Will there be any incident during the journey?
  • Will travel be healthy?
  • Won’t I die while traveling by plane?
  • Providing better life understanding
  • My dream is to travel by plane, will it be fulfilled?

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