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rudrabhishek puja

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Online Rudrabhishek puja

Benefit of this online puja through AstroYes

Remove mental stress and Peace of mind.

Protection from incurable  mental diseases.

Overcome your all fears and Mood swing.

Solution of child related problems.

Solution of your blocked energy.

Online Rudrabhishek pooja based on your Sankalp. Join Live Vedic Puja. Expert team of Vedic Pandits
Authentic online Puja at your convenience

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You can obtain the blessings of Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra by doing the Rudrabhishek Puja in Prayagraj.

As per the historical background of this Puja:

Lord Rama also performed Rudrabhishek of Mahadev before his sea voyage to Lanka to boost his morale to win the war when he went to rescue Sita after defeating Ravana.

It helps to strengthen the Moon in the horoscope and is the ideal drugs (Remedy) to eliminate all planetary doshas.

It is considered the most powerful puja that protects you from mental and physical health problems and blesses you with prosperity and happiness.

Online Rudrabhishaka pooja helps with relationship and peace of mind.

What Is the Process of Rudrabhishekam Puja?

Rudrabhishak Puja is one of the simplest ways to thank Lord Shiva or ask for divine favours, according to Vedic Astrology.

Lord Shiva rules over all Nine Planets and Time also, which includes the Moon and the four main planet antagonists—Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Moon. Therefore, you gain a clearer mind and the troublesome planets stop bothering you when you please Lord Shiva.

And You Can Book a personalize Live Rudrabhishaka Puja NOW


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