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Horary astrology

Horary astrology is such a precise planetary description in which based on the questions asked by a person a chart of the same time is prepared by the astrologer. There is a very effective chart that can give very accurate answers, if need be, then it is necessary to read it correctly.
Horary astrology is an ancient form of astrology that is based on the current time at which the question is heard and understood. Instead of looking at a natal chart, the astrologer casts a chart based on the “Client’s burning question of the hour” that the querent wants to be answered. It is extremely complicated, but it is true
Planets affect the client and based on that, the answer from the chart at that time also comes out for that particular person.
The answer to any question can be obtained by a person through the Horary chart, for this, there is no need for basic details, so this is a very simple method and it has been used since very ancient times for daily routine. is done


A person can get the answer to any question, the detail of which you will get below and apart from this you will also get many questions in Ask A Question, if you have any of these questions then feel free to ask your questions to us.


  • The way of your personality
  • Any type of events
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Property
  • Marriage
  • Love life
  • About your child
  • Vehicle
  • Prashna
  • Any type of Question

Different methods have different ways of reading the chart in different ways. You can also choose any one method as per your wish or leave it to the astrologer to study your Horary chart and give your answer based on that if you mean by his prediction. So you leave it to the astrologer to decide by which method he is giving you his prediction or you can also choose by yourself which method you want to study this Horary chart, the Horary chart is indeed exactly correct predictions yes is true.


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