Mar 21 - Apr 19

If you are a person of Aries, then it is definitely your nature to be at the forefront because it is the first sign of Dharma Triangle, its lord is Mars and in this the first position of three constellations Ashwini Bharani and Kritika comes, Sun in Aries. Becomes high, the element of Aries is the element of fire, it is a variable zodiac, so energy is always present in this zodiac, it is a male sign, when it comes to physical stature, there is medium and tall stature, the face will be a little long, physical condition Thin but energetic who are active all the time, want to work independently, they have a lot of energy, powerful, courageous and ambition is present in them, they have so much energy inside them that they have a different attraction Aries people are self-reliant If you want to start any work, then I am not a better person than this, due to being stubborn and aggressive, some people also take wrong advantage of them, so they always need to be careful about this.